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Journal Articles

Åshild Olsen Faresjö, Ewa Grodzinsky, Saga Johansson, Mari-Ann Wallander, Toomas Timpka and Ingemar Åkerlind
  A population based case control study of work and psychosocial problems in patients with irritable bowel syndrome: women are more seriously affected than men
  American Journal of Gastroenterology, 2007, 102(2), 371-379.
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Åshild Olsen Faresjö, Ewa Grodzinsky, Saga Johansson, Mari-Ann Wallander, Toomas Timpka and Ingermar Åkerlind
  Psychosocial factors at work and in everyday life are associated with irritable bowel syndrome
  European Journal of Epidemiology, 2007, 22(7), 473-480.
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Preben Bendtsen, Kjell Johansson and Ingemar Åkerlind
  Feasibility of an email-based electronic screening and brief intervention (e-SBI) to college students in Sweden.
  Addictive Behaviours, 2006, 31, 777-787.
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Kjell Johansson, Ingemar Åkerlind and Preben Bendtsen
  Under what circumstances are nurses willing to engage in brief alcohol interventions?: a qualitative study from primary care in Swedena
  Addictive Behaviours, 2005, 30(5), 1049-1053.
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Kjell Johansson, Preben Bendtsen and Ingemar Åkerlind
  Factors influencing GPs' decisions regarding screening for high alcohol consumption: a focus group study in Swedish primary care
  Public Health, 2005, 119(9), 781-788.
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Kjell Johansson, Preben Bendtsen and Ingemar Åkerlind
  Advice to patients in Swedish primary care regarding alcohol and other lifestyle habits: how patients report the actions of GPs in relation to their own expectations and satisfaction with the consultation
  European Journal of Public Health, 2005, 15(6), 615-620.
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Sven Engström, P-O Nilsson and Ingemar Åkerlind
  Att öka patientens egenkontroll av sjukdom och hälsa. Ett försök med konsultationshandledning med video i tvärprofessionella grupper på vårdcentral
  Allmänmedicin, 2003, 24, 104-108.

Lena Admyre, C Norgren, L Perers and Ingemar Åkerlind
  Teamarbete på vårdcentral - en viktig grund för rehabilitering av patienter med besvär från rörelseorganen i primärvården
  Allmänmedicin, 2003, 24, 76-80.

Staffan Nilsson, Morten Scheike, David Engblom, Lars-Göran Karlsson, Sigvard Mölstad, Ingemar Åkerlind, Kjell Örtoft and Eva Nylander
  Chest pain and ischaemic heart disease in primary care
  British Journal of General Practice, 2003, 53(490), 378-382.
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Kjell Johansson, Preben Bendtsen and Ingemar Åkerlind
  Early intervention for problem drinkers: readiness to participate among general practitioners and nurses in Swedish primary health care
  Alcohol and Alcoholism, 2002, 37(1), 38-42.
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Susan Wilhelmsson, Mats Foldevi, Ingemar Åkerlind and T Faresjö
  Unfavourable working conditions for female GPs. A comparison between Swedish general practitiners and district nurses
  Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, 2002, 20, 74-78.
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j Lundkvist, Ingemar Åkerlind, Lars Borgquist and S Mölstad
  The more time spent on listening, the less time spent on prescribing antibiotics in general practice
  Family Practice, 2002, 19(6), 638-640.
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Agneta Marcusson, Thomas List, Gunnar Paulin and Ingemar Åkerlind
  Reliability of a multidimensional questionnaire for adults with treated complete cleft lip and palate
  Scandinavian Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Hand Surgery, 2001, 35(3), 271-278.
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Agneta Marcusson, Ingemar Åkerlind and Gunnar Paulin
  Quality of life in adults with repaired complete cleft lip and palate
  The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal, 2001, 38(4), 379-385.
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Susan Wilhelmsson, Anna-Christina Ek and Ingemar Åkerlind
  Opinions about district nurses prescribing
  Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, 2001, 15(4), 326-330.
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Susan Wilhelmsson, Ingemar Åkerlind, Tomas Faresjö and Anna-Christina Ek
  Assessment of Psychosocial Work Environment in Primary Care: Development of a Questionnaire
  Journal of medical systems, 1999, 23(6), 447-456.

Susan Wilhelmsson, Tomas Faresjö, Mats Foldevi and Ingemar Åkerlind
  The personal doctor reform in Sweden: perceived changes in working conditions
  Family Practice, 1998, 15(3), 192-197.

Kristina Alexanderson, Margareta Leijon, Ingemar Åkerlind, Hillevi Rydh and Per Bjurulf
  Epidemiology of sickness absence in a Swedish county in 1985, 1986 and 1987: A three year longitudinal study with focus on gender, age and occupation
  Scandinavian Journal of Social Medicine, 1994, 22(1), 27-34.

Conference Articles

Åshild Faresjö, Ewa Grodzinsky, Toomas Timpka and Ingemar Åkerlind
  A case-control study of irritable bowel syndrome in primary care - female patients are seriously affected by psychosocial problems in their every day life
  EUPHA 14th annual conference,2006, 2006.

Kjell Johansson, Preben Bendtsen and Ingemar Åkerlind
  Kartläggning av alkoholvanor bland patienter på vårdcentral i relation till besöksorsak
  Svenska läkarsällskapets riksstämma,2004, 2004.

Ingemar Åkerlind
  Long lasting attitude changes in multidisciplinary prevention of sickness absence - a ground for more effective coping
  ICOH International Congress on Occupational Health,2003, 2003.

Ingemar Åkerlind, Kjell Johansson and Preben Bendtsen
  How often are patients receiving advice about alcohol and other lifestyle habits in primary care in Sweden?
  Eur J Public Health,2002, 2002.

Ingemar Åkerlind, J Lundkvist, Lars Borgquist and Sigvard Mölstad
  The more time spent on listening - the less time spent on prescribing antibiotics in general practice.
  International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 9 (suppl1),2002, 2002.

S Nilsson, D Engblom, LG Karlsson, S Mölstad, Eva Nylander, M Scheike, Ingemar Åkerlind and K Örtoft
  Bröstsmärta och ischemisk hjärtsjukdom i primärvården
  Svenska Läkaresällskapets Riksstämma, Göteborg, 2002,2002, 2002.

Ingemar Åkerlind
  Continuity of Care and Sociodemographic Factors ExplainDifferences in Patient Satisfaction between Primary Health Care Centers.
  International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 9 (suppl1),2002, 2002.

Ph.D. Theses

Åshild Olsen Faresjö
  Irritable bowel syndrome diagnosed in primary care: Occurrence, treatment and impact on everyday life

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Marika Wenemark, M Borgstedt-Risberg, Tommy Holmberg, Per Nettelbladt, Helle Brage Noorlind and Ingemar Åkerlind
  Östgötens psykiska hälsa. En kartläggning av självskattad hälsa i Östergötland hösten 2002.
  Folkhälsovetenskapligt Centrum, 1, 2003.

A Andersson, Kerstin Ekberg, Paul Enthoven, Görel Kjellman, Marlene Ockander, Elisabeth Skargren, Ingemar Åkerlind and Birgitta Öberg
  Vad är en god arbetslivsinriktad rehabilitering? Slutsatser baserade på en litteratursammanställning