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Journal Articles

Evelyn S. Lundin, Torsten Johansson, Helene Zachrisson, Ulf Leandersson, Fatma Backman, Laila Falknas and Preben Kjölhede
  Single-dose tranexamic acid in advanced ovarian cancer surgery reduces blood loss and transfusions: double-blind placebo-controlled randomized multicenter study
  Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica, 2014, 93(4), 335-344.
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Håkan Gustafsson, Martin Hallbeck, M. Norell, Mikael Lindgren, Maria Engström, Anders Rosén and Helene Zachrisson
  Fe(III) distribution varies substantially within and between atherosclerotic plaques
  Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2014, 2(71), 885-892.
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T. Jogestrand, J. Freden-Lindkvist, M. Lindqvist, S. Lundgren, A. Sundby, Ann-Sofie Tillman and Helene Zachrisson
  Equalis kriterier för karotisdiagnostik – under kontinuerlig uppgradering
  Läkartidningen, 2012, 109(13), 702-703.

Helene Zachrisson, Marita Fouladiun, Christian Blomstrand and Reinhard Volkmann
  Functional assessment of high-grade ICA stenosis with duplex ultrasound and transcranial Doppler
  Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging, 2012, 32(3), 241-246.

Helene Zachrisson, Marcus Lindenberger, Daniel Hallman, M. Ekman, Daniel Neider and Toste Länne
  Diameter and compliance of the greater saphenous vein - effect of age and nitroglycerine
  Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging, 2011, 31(4), 300-306.
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Helene Zachrisson, E Engström, Jan Engvall, Lars Wigström, Örjan Smedby and Anders Persson
  Soft tissue discrimination ex vivo by dual energy computed tomography
  European Journal of Radiology, 2010, 75(2), E124-E128.
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Anders Persson, Christian Jackowski, Elias Engström and Helene Zachrisson
  Advances of dual source, dual-energy imaging in postmortem CT
  European Journal of Radiology, 2008, 68(3), 446-455.
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Conference Articles

Christina Svensson, Asimina Dremetsika, Per Eriksson and Helene Zachrisson
  High frequency ultrasound för early diagnosis of arteritis
  Vascular Congress, Charing Cross London, UK, 4-8 April 2014, 2014.

Helene Zachrisson, Christina Svensson, Claes Forssell and C Lassvik
  Postprandial duplex ultrasound of collateral capacity in chronic mesenteric ischemia
  Vascular Congress, Charing Cross London, UK, 4-8 April 2014, 2014.

Håkan Gustafsson, M. Norell, M. Lindgren, Maria Engström, A. Rosén and Helene Zachrisson
  Is vulnerability for carotid plaque rupture related to intrinsic Fe (III) distribution
  XIV Svenska Kardiovaskulära Vårmötet, 25-27 April, Stockholm 2012, 2012.

Håkan Gustafsson, Kirsti Berg, Mikael Lindgren, Maria Engström, Ebo De Muinck and Helene Zachrisson
  Fe(3+) Heterogeneity in Ex Vivo Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaques in FREE RADICAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE, vol 51, issue , pp S40-S40

Charalampos Georgiopoulos, Anette Davidsson, Göran Granerus, Nil Dizdar and Helene Zachrisson

Helene Zachrisson, Anders Persson, Jan Engvall, Ulf Stenestrand and Magnus Janzon
  CT angiography - clinical experience from Linköping University Hospital
  X Svenska Kardiovaskulära Vårmötet,2008, 2008.

Helene Zachrisson, Marcus Lindenberger, Daniel Hallman and Toste Länne
  Diameter and compliance of the great saphenous vein
  Experimental Biology,2008, 2008.

Marcus Lindenberger, Helene Zachrisson, Daniel Neider and Toste Länne
  Venous compliance and wall distensibility in the venous compartments of the lower limb in man
  Experimental Biology,2008, 2008.

Agneta Gustafsson, Göran Granerus and Helene Zachrisson
  Evaluation of the OSEM reconstruction techniques used in DATscan.
  Nuklearmedicinska vårmötet,2008, 2008.

Elias Engström, Anders Persson, J Berge, Jan Engvall, Lars Wigström and Helene Zachrisson
  Dual-energy CT of ex-vivo tissue samples.
  Cardiovaskulära vårmötet,2008, 2008.

Helene Zachrisson
  Carotisstenos, logistik. Vilka opereras och när.
  Svenska Neurologmötet,2007, 2007.

Daniel Hallman, Daniel Neider, Helene Zachrisson, Marcus Lindenberger and Toste Länne
  Diameter and compliance of the greater saphenous vein - Effect of age and Glyceryl trinitrates.
  Kardiovaskulära vårmötet,2007, 2007.

Daniel Neider, Daniel Hallman, Helene Zachrisson, Marcus Lindenberger and Toste Länne
  Venous compliance in the Superficial Femoral Vein and Greater Saphenous Vein in health males.
  Kardiovaskulära vårmötet,2007, 2007.

Helene Zachrisson
  Carotisstenoser. Logistik. Vilka skall man operera och när?
  Svenska Neurologföreningens vårmöte,2007, 2007.

Helene Zachrisson
  Duplexundersökning med måltidsprovokation vid bukangina
  Kardiovaskulära vårmöte,2006, 2006.