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Journal Articles

Helén Anderson, V. Havila and A. Salmi
  Can You Buy a Business Relationship?: On The Importance of Customer and Supplier Relationships in Acquisitions
  Industrial Marketing Management, 2001, 30(7), 575-586.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 45

Helén Anderson, Virpi Havila and Asta Salmi
  Can you buy a relationship?
  Journal of international marketing management, 2000, , .

Helén Anderson, H Havila, V Andersen and A Halinen
  Position and Role - Conceptualising Dynamics in Business Networks
  Scandinavian Journal of Management, 1998, 14(3), 167-186.

Conference Articles

Helén Anderson, Johan Holtström and Christina Öberg
  Are mergers or acquisitions expected to affect customer and supplier relationships? An analysis of decisions taken by a competition authority
  IMP Conference,2003, 2003.

Christina Öberg and Helén Anderson
  Do customers matter in mergers and acquisitions (literature)?
  Nordic Workshop onf Interorganisational Research,2002, 2002.

Christina Grundström and Helén Anderson
  Relations among actors in the standardisation portion of an R&D project - Examples from the 3G Mobile Telephony Development
  ProMAC Conference,2002, 2002.

Helén Anderson and Maria Huge-Brodin
  Reverse supply chains - a new system or just reversed flows?
  IPSERA,1998, 1998.

Ph.D. Theses

Anna Larsson
  Strategists – free or bound?: On individuality and typicality among CEOs


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