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Jenny Eriksson, Inger Huljebrant, Hans Nettelblad and Rolf Svedjeholm
  Functional impairment after treatment with pectoral muscle flaps because of deep sternal wound infection
  Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal, 2011, 45(3), 174-180.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Tor-Göran Henriksson and Hans Nettelblad
  Technical refinements in the Washio tempororetroauricular flap in reconstruction of the nasal wing
  Scandinavian Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Hand Surgery, 2005, 39(5), 295-298.

Hans Nettelblad and Erkki Tarpila
  Abdominal wall reconstruction with vascularised autologous tissue
  Scandinavian Journal of Surgery, 2003, 92(4), 297-300.

L.E. Adolfsson and Hans Nettelblad
  Radial nerve entrapment in the upper arm as a cause of lateral arm pain: A report of four cases
  Scandinavian Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Hand Surgery, 2001, 35(2), 217-220.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 5

Lars Adolfsson, J Lysholm and Hans Nettelblad
  Adverse effects of extensive clavicular resections and a suggessted method of reconstruction.
  Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery, 1999, 8, 361-365.


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