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Journal Articles

Hanna Fager, J. M. Andersson, Mats Johansson, Magnus Odén and Lars Hultman
  Growth of Hard Amorphous Ti-Al-Si-N Thin Films by Cathodic Arc Evaporation
  Surface & Coatings Technology, 2013, 235(25), 376-385.

Amie Fallqvist, Naureen Ghafoor, Hanna Fager, Lars Hultman and Per O A Persson
  Self-organization during Growth of ZrN/SiNx Multilayers by Epitaxial Lateral Overgrowth
  Journal of Applied Physics, 2013, 114(224302), .
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Licentiate Theses

Hanna Fager
  Growth and Characterization of Amorphous TiAlSiN and HfAlSiN Thin Films

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