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Hakan Hua, Jan Karlsson, Stephen Widen, Claes Moller and Bjorn Lyxell
  Quality of life, effort and disturbance perceived in noise: A comparison between employees with aided hearing impairment and normal hearing
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  International Journal of Audiology, 2013, 52(9), 642-649.

Hua Håkan, Johansson Björn, Jönsson Radi and Magnusson Lennart
  Cochlear Implant Combined with a Linear Frequency Transposing Hearing Aid
  Journal of the American Academy of Audiology,, 2012, 23(9), 722-732.

Håkan Hua and Björn Lyxell
  Hörselskadade i arbetslivet
  Audionomtidningen, 2012, (2), 7.

Conference Articles

Håkan Hua, Jan Karlsson, Stephen Widén, Claes Möller and Björn Lyxell
  Quality of life and self-perceived hearing handicap in employees with mild-moderate hearing impairment
  Second International Conference on Cognitive Hearing Science for Communication, Linköping June 16-19 2013 Sweden, 2013.

Håkan Hua and Björn Lyxell
  Hörselskada i arbetslivet - Hälsorelaterad livskvalité och kognitiva förmågor
  Svenska Audiologiska Sällskapets dag (SAS), Göteborg 7 novermber 2012, 2012.


Håkan Hua and Björn Lyxell
  Buller i arbetslivet
  AFA Försäkring, , 2012.

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