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Journal Articles

Gunilla Avby, Per Nilsen and Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren
  Ways of understanding evidence-based practice in social work: A qualitative study
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  British Journal of Social Work, 2013, , .

Per Nilsen, Gunilla Nordström (Avby) and Per-Erik Ellström
  Integrating research-based and practice-based knowledge through workplace reflection
  Journal of Workplace Learning, 2012, 24(6), 403-415.

Chapters in Books

Gunilla Nordström (Avby)
  Gränsöverskridande kunskapsbildning: - praktik och teori i interaktion
  Vägval och dilemman i interaktiv forskning: kurspaper från Bridging the Gaps doktorandurs Interaktiv forskning 2008, Landstinget i Jönköpings län, 2009, 27-43.

Conference Articles

Gunilla Nordström (Avby)
  Understandings of Evidence-based Practice among politicians, managers and executive staff in social welfare agencies
  Nordic Working Life Conference, 2012.

Nilsen Per, Gunilla Nordström (Avby) and Per-Erik Ellström
  Integrating Research-based and Practice-based Knowledge through Workplace Reflection
  International Conference on Researching Work and Learning (RWL), Shanghai, 4-7 December 2011, 2011.

Gunilla Nordström (Avby)
  Professionalism encounters Evidence-based Practice (EBP): What effects can EBP have on knowledge use and learning in professional practice?
  Kunskap, profession och expertis Nationella nätverket för professionsstudier, 28-29 september 2011, Växjö, 2011.

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