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victims uncertainty theorem subjective risks risk-sharing probability probabilities parties nuclear losses liability insurance industry economics economic crime compensation assignment

Journal Articles

Göran Skogh
  A European nuclear accident pool
  Geneva papers on risk and insurance. Issues and practice, 2008, 33(2), 274-287.
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Ali M. Ahmed and Göran Skogh
  Choices at various levels of uncertainty: An experimental test of the restated diversification theorem
  Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2006, 33(3), 183-196.
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Göran Skogh and Hong Wu
  The Diversification Theorem Restated: Risk-pooling Without Assignment of Probabilities
  Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2005, 31, .
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Göran Skogh and Mark Sellenthin
  Property rights in endangered species. The wolverine case.
  European Journal of Law and Economics, 2004, 18(2), 239-247.

F Andersson and Göran Skogh
  Quality, self-regulation, and competition: The case of insurance
  Insurance, Mathematics & Economics, 2003, 32(2), 267-280.

Mark Sellenthin and Göran Skogh
  Kan äganderätt rädda utrotningshotade djur? Exemplet den svenska järven
  Ekonomisk debatt / utgiven av Nationalekonomiska föreningen, 2001, 29(8), 559-564.

Göran Skogh
  Risk-sharing institutions for unpredictable losses
  Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 1999, 155(3), 505-515.

Göran Skogh
  Risk-sharing Institutions for Unpredictable Losses
  Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 1999, October, 505-515.

Göran Skogh and l Tibiletti
  Compensation of uncertain lost earnings
  European Journal of Law and Economics, 1999, 8, 51-61.

Göran Skogh
  An Economic Analysis of a Swedish Environmental Liability Case
  European Journal of Law and Economics, 1998, 5, 167-177.

Göran Skogh
  Development Risks, Strict Liability, and the Insurability of Industrial Hazards
  Geneva papers on risk and insurance. Issues and practice, 1998, 23, 247-264.


Göran Skogh and Pontus Braunerhjelm
  Sista fracken inga fickor har. Filantropi och ekonomisk tillväxt.
    SNS, 2004.

Göran Skogh and Hans Sjögren
  New Perspectives on economic crime.
    New horizons in law and economics, , Edward Elgar Publishing, 2004.

Chapters in Books

Göran Skogh
  En transaktionsteori om försäkring
  Festskrift till Ingemar Ståhl, Studentlitteratur, 2005, .

Göran Skogh
  Institutional Economics of Insurance and Liability
  Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, entry Mandatory Insurance, Edward Elgar Publishing, 1999, .

Ph.D. Theses

Erik Lenntorp
  An Economic Analysis of Regulation by Conditional Permits

  Fulltext PDF

Helén Forslind
  Return to Sender: Essays on Extended producer Responsibility

  Fulltext PDF

Mark O. Sellenthin
  Beyond the Ivory Tower: A Comparison of Patent Rights Regimes in Sweden and Germany

  Fulltext PDF


Göran Skogh
  Property Rights and the Environment. A law and economics approach
  Scandinavian studies in law, 40, 2000.