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Journal Articles

Göran Skogh
  A European nuclear accident pool
  Geneva papers on risk and insurance. Issues and practice, 2008, 33(2), 274-287.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 7

Ali M. Ahmed and Göran Skogh
  Choices at various levels of uncertainty: An experimental test of the restated diversification theorem
  Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2006, 33(3), 183-196.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 5

Göran Skogh and Hong Wu
  The Diversification Theorem Restated: Risk-pooling Without Assignment of Probabilities
  Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2005, 31, .
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 14

Göran Skogh and Mark Sellenthin
  Property rights in endangered species. The wolverine case.
  European Journal of Law and Economics, 2004, 18(2), 239-247.

F Andersson and Göran Skogh
  Quality, self-regulation, and competition: The case of insurance
  Insurance, Mathematics & Economics, 2003, 32(2), 267-280.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 2

Mark Sellenthin and Göran Skogh
  Kan äganderätt rädda utrotningshotade djur? Exemplet den svenska järven
  Ekonomisk debatt / utgiven av Nationalekonomiska föreningen, 2001, 29(8), 559-564.

Göran Skogh and l Tibiletti
  Compensation of uncertain lost earnings
  European Journal of Law and Economics, 1999, 8, 51-61.

Göran Skogh
  Risk-sharing institutions for unpredictable losses
  Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 1999, 155(3), 505-515.

Göran Skogh
  Risk-sharing Institutions for Unpredictable Losses
  Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 1999, October, 505-515.

Göran Skogh
  An Economic Analysis of a Swedish Environmental Liability Case
  European Journal of Law and Economics, 1998, 5, 167-177.

Göran Skogh
  Development Risks, Strict Liability, and the Insurability of Industrial Hazards
  Geneva papers on risk and insurance. Issues and practice, 1998, 23, 247-264.


Göran Skogh and Hans Sjögren
  New Perspectives on economic crime.
    New horizons in law and economics, , Edward Elgar Publishing, 2004.

Göran Skogh and Pontus Braunerhjelm
  Sista fracken inga fickor har. Filantropi och ekonomisk tillväxt.
    SNS, 2004.

Chapters in Books

Göran Skogh
  En transaktionskostnadsteori om försäkring
  Studier i rättsekonomi: festskrift till Ingemar Ståhl, Studentlitteratur AB, 2005, 193-205.

Göran Skogh
  En transaktionsteori om försäkring
  Festskrift till Ingemar Ståhl, Studentlitteratur, 2005, .

Göran Skogh
  Institutional Economics of Insurance and Liability
  Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, entry Mandatory Insurance, Edward Elgar Publishing, 1999, .

Ph.D. Theses

Erik Lenntorp
  An Economic Analysis of Regulation by Conditional Permits

  Fulltext PDF

Mark O. Sellenthin
  Beyond the Ivory Tower: A Comparison of Patent Rights Regimes in Sweden and Germany

  Fulltext PDF

Helén Forslind
  Return to Sender: Essays on Extended producer Responsibility

  Fulltext PDF


Göran Skogh
  Property Rights and the Environment. A law and economics approach
  Scandinavian studies in law, 40, 2000.

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