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Journal Articles

Gabriel Almroth and Folke Sjöberg
  Recurrent thrombocytopenia, renal failure and thymitis of unknown cause. A case report
  Vaskulär medicin, 2017, 33(3), 24-25.

Gabriel Almroth, Johanna Lönn, Fredrik Uhlin, Lars Brudin, Bengt Andersson Andersson and Mirjana Hahn-Zoric
  Sclerostin, TNF-alpha and Interleukin-18 Correlate and are Together with Klotho Related to Other Growth Factors and Cytokines in Haemodialysis Patients
  Scandinavian Journal of Immunology, 2016, 83(1), 58-63.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 2

Hossin Abednazari, Lars Brudin, Gabriel Almroth, Ingela Nilsson and Fariba Nayeri
  Hepatocyte growth factor is a reliable marker for efficient anti-bacterial therapy within the first day of treatment
  Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology, 2014, 5(10), 823-830.

Henrik Hadimeri, Carsten Frisenette-Fich, Sven-Ingemar Deurell, Lars Svensson, Lena Carlsson-Bjering, Anders Fernström, Gabriel Almroth, Stefan Melander, Mathias Haarhaus, Per-Olof Andersson, Agneta Cassel, Nils-Johan Mauritz, Agneta Ståhl-Nilsson, Jan Wilske, Kataryna Nordström, Pavel Oruda, Marie Eriksson, Annelie Inghilesi Larsson and Bernd Stegmayr
  A fixed protocol for outpatient clinic routines in the care of patients with severe renal failure
  Renal failure, 2013, 35(6), 845-854.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 2

Gabriel Almroth, J Lonn, Fredrik Uhlin, Fariba Nayeri, Lars Brudin, B Andersson and M Hahn-Zoric
  Fibroblast Growth Factor 23, Hepatocyte Growth Factor, Interleukin-6, High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein and Soluble Urokinase Plasminogen Activator Receptor. Inflammation Markers in Chronic Haemodialysis Patients?
  Scandinavian Journal of Immunology, 2013, 78(3), 285-290.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 10

Johanna Lönn, Gabriel Almroth, Lars Brudin and Fariba Nayeri
  An antithrombin III product containing biologically active hepatocyte growth factor may be beneficial in depp ulcer infections
  Cytokine, 2012, 60(2), 478-486.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Johanna Lönn, Faisal Shahzad, Fredrik Uhlin, Torbjörn Bengtsson, Gabriel Almroth and Fariba Nayeri
  High concentration but low biological activity of hepatocyte growth factor in patients with chronic renal failure
  Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology, 2012, 3(4), 516-523.
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Gabriel Almroth, Bengt Ekermo, Britt Åkerlind, Ann-Sofie Månsson and Anders Widell
  Monitoring hepatitis C infection in a major Swedish nephrology unit and molecular resolution of a new case of nosocomial transmission.
  Journal of medical virology, 2010, 82(2), 249-256.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Gabriel Almroth, Gösta Berlin, Bengt Andersson and Mirjana Hahn-Zoric
  Long-term treatment results and the immunoglobulin G subclass distribution patterns of proteinase-3-antineutrophil cytoplasm antibody (ANCA) and myeloperoxidase-ANCA in ANCA-associated vasculitis
  Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology, 2009, 43(2), 160-170.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 3

Gabriel Almroth
  Nysmitta av hepatit C på dialysavdelning. En fallbeskrivning.
  Smittskydd, 2007, 44, 10-11.

O Hultgren, M Hahn-Zoric, B Andersson and Gabriel Almroth
  Serum concentration of interleukin-18 is up-regulated in patients with ANCA-associated vasculitis
  Autoimmunity, 2007, 40(7), 529-531.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 11

G. Metry, Fredrik Uhlin and Gabriel Almroth
  Swedish experience of the Dialock
  Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology, 2007, 41(3), 249-253.

Gabriel Almroth, T. Axelsson, E. Müssener, Ewa Grodzinsky, Gunnar Midhagen and Per Olcén
  Increased Prevalence of Anti-Gliadin IgA-Antibodies with Aberrant Duodenal Histopathological Findings in Patients with IgA-Nephropathy and Related Disorders
  Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, 2006, 111(3), 339-352.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 7

Gabriel Almroth, Å Lindell, H Åselius, Lars Sörén, L Svensson, Per Hultman, ERK Eribe and I Olsen
  Acute glomerulonephritis associated with streptococcus pyogenes with concomitant spread of streptococcus constellatus in four rural families
  Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, 2005, 110(3), 217-231.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Gabriel Almroth, F Uhlin, Bengt Ekermo, Barbro Isaksson, B Kaijser, B Andersson, M Hahn-Zoric and M Sällberg
  Perspectives on hepatitis B infections and the efficacy of vaccination (hepatitis B and pneumococci) in dialysis patients
  Upsala Journal of Medical Sciences, 2003, 108(1), 61-74.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 2

Gabriel Almroth, Bengt Ekermo, A-S. Månsson, Samuel Svensson and A. Widell
  Detection and prevention of hepatitis C in dialysis patients and renal transplant recipients: A long-term follow up (1989–January 1997)
  Journal of Internal Medicine, 2002, 251(2), 119-128.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 20

B. G. Stegmayr, Gabriel Almroth, Gösta Berlin, I. Fehrman, J. Kurkus, R. Norda, R. Olander, G. Sterner, H. Thysell, B. Wikström and J. E. Wirén
  Plasma exchange or immunoadsorption in patients with rapidly progressive crescentic glomerulonephritis: A Swedish multi-center study
  International Journal of Artificial Organs, 1999, 22(2), 81-87.

Per Eriksson, Gabriel Almroth, Torsten Denneberg and Folke D. Lindström
  IgG2 deficiency in primary Sjögren's syndrome and hypergammaglobulinemic purpura
  Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology, 1994, 70(1), 60-65.

Gabriel Almroth, S. Eneström, J. Hed, I. Samuelsson and P. Sjöström
  Autoantibodies to leucocyte antigens in hydralazine-associated nephritis
  Journal of Internal Medicine, 1992, 231(1), 37-42.

Gabriel Almroth, P. Sjöström, C. Svalander and D. Danielsson
  Serum immunoglobulins and IgG subclasses in patients with glomerulonephritis
  Journal of Internal Medicine, 1989, 225(1), 3-7.

Conference Articles

Gabriel Almroth and Folke Sjöberg
  Recidivating thrombocytopenia, renal failure and thymitis
  Recidivating thrombocytopenia, renal failure and thymitis, 2017.

Gabriel Almroth, J Lönn, Fredrik Uhlin, Fariba Nayeri, Lars Brudin, B Andersson and M Hahn-Zoric
  Tillväxtfaktorer och inflammationsmarkörer vid kronisk njursvikt
  Njurmedicinskt vårmöte Jönköping 12-14 maj 2013, 2013.

Fredrik Uhlin, Tayeb Nayeri, Lars Brudin, Fariba Nayeri and Gabriel Almroth
  Decreased Biological Activity of Hepatocyte Growth Factor during Chronic Renal Failure
  J Am Soc Nephrol, 2009.

Gabriel Almroth, Per Eriksson, G Berlin, M Hahn-Zoric and B Andersson
  Cyklophosphamide pulse treatment and infections in systemic vasculitis with renal involvement
  JASN 15 2004,2004, 2004.

Gabriel Almroth, B Ekermo, B Åkerlind, A-S Månsson and A-S Widell
  Detection and prevention of hepatitis C in a nephrology unit 1997 - 2002. Further follow up and description of a case with nosocimial transmission
  Kidney International 2004,2004, 2004.

Gabriel Almroth, T Geogrsson, E Mussener, Ewa Grodzinsky, G Malmsten and P Olcen
  Increased prevalence of antigliadine IgA-antibodies in patients with IgA-nephropathy
  Kidney International 2004,2004, 2004.

Gabriel Almroth, Per Eriksson, G Berlin, B Andersson and M Hahn-Zoric
  Långtidsresultat av cyklofosfamidbehandling vid ANCA-associerad systemisk vaskulit med njurengagemang
  Svenska Läkaresällskapets,2004, 2004.

G Metry, Gabriel Almroth, M Gylling, F Uhlin, R Larsson, A Cassel, S Melander and A Fernström
  The Dialock: An effective access device in a demodialysis patient with vascular problems
  JASN 15 2004,2004, 2004.

Ph.D. Theses

Gabriel Almroth
  Immunoglobulins, immunoglobulin subclass-distributions and serologic markers in some renal and systemic disorders

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