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Journal Articles

Anette Sundqvist, Emelie Nordqvist, Felix Koch and Mikael Heimann
  Early declarative memory predicts productive language: A longitudinal study of deferred imitation and communication at 9 and 16 months
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  Journal of experimental child psychology (Print), 2016, 151, 109-119.

Maria Nygren, John Carstensen, Felix Koch, Johnny Ludvigsson and Anneli Frostell
  Experience of a serious life event increases the risk for childhood type 1 diabetes: the ABIS population-based prospective cohort study
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  Diabetologia, 2015, 58(6), 1188-1197.
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Rajalakshmi Lakshman, Jing Zhang, Jianduan Zhang, Felix Koch, Claude Marcus, Johnny Ludvigsson, Ken K. Ong and Tanja Sobko
  Higher maternal education is associated with favourable growth of young children in different countries
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  Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 2013, 67(7), 595-602.
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Felix-Sebastian Koch, Johnny Ludvigsson and Anneli Sepa
  Parents’ psychological stress over time may affect children’s cortisol at age 8
  Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 2010, 35(9), 950-959.
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A Cattaneo, L Monasta, E Stamatakis, S Lioret, K Castetbon, F Frenken, Y Manios, G Moschonis, S Savva, A Zaborskis, A I Rito, M Nanu, J Vignerova, M Caroli, Johnny Ludvigsson, Felix Koch, L Serra-Majem, L Szponar, F van Lenthe and J Brug
  Overweight and obesity in infants and pre-school children in the European Union a review of existing data
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  OBESITY REVIEWS, 2010, 11(5), 389-398.
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Felix-Sebastian Koch, Anneli Sepa and Johnny Ludvigsson
  Psychological Stress and Obesity
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  Journal of Pediatrics, 2008, 153(6), 839-844.
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Felix-Sebastian Koch, Johnny Ludvigsson and Anneli Sepa
  Body Dissatisfaction Measured with a Figure Preference Task and Self-Esteem in 8 Year Old Children: a Study within the ABIS-Project
  Clinical Medicine Insights: Pediatrics, 2008, 2, 13-26.
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Conference Articles

Anett Sundqvist, Mikael Heimann, Felix Koch and Emelie Nordqvist
  Maternal Mind-mindedness and the relation to preverbal language development
  16th European Conference on Developmental Psychology, 2013.

Ph.D. Theses

Felix-Sebastian Koch
  Stress and Obesity in Childhood

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