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Journal Articles

Nicolette Lakemond, Eva Lovén and Jonas Detterfelt
  Understanding Creativity Motors and Obstacles in Product Development
  International Journal of Product Development, 2010, 11(3/4), 272-288.

Eva Lovén
  New Technology Initiatives from Within and Outside of a Company Express Different Agility Abilities
  International journal of agile manufacturing, 2006, 9(1), 109-114.

Jan Österlund and Eva Lovén
  Information versus inertia: a model for product change with low inertia
  Systems research and behavioral science, 2005, 22(6), 547-560.

Christer Karlsson and Eva Lovén
  Managing new technology integration: Integrating software in manufactured products
  International Journal of Innovation Management, 2005, 9(3), 343-370.

Eva Lovén
  Book reviews: Achieving Results
  R &D Management, 2004, 34(1), 99-100.

Eva Lovén
  Building a project - Driven enterprise. How to slash waste and boost profits through lean project management.
  R &D Management, 2003, 33(1), 94-96.


Mats Boghard, Stig Karlsson, Eva Lovén, Lars-Åke Mikaelsson, Lena Mårtensson, Anna-Lisa Osvalder, Linda Rose and Pernilla Ulfvengren
  Arbete och teknik på människans villkor
  Prevent, 2008.

Chapters in Books

Eva Lovén
  Kreativitet, innovation och lean
  Lean i arbetslivet, Liber, 2013, 298-316.

Eva Lovén, Nicolette Lakemond and Jonas Detterfelt
  Arbetssätt för kreativitet och innovation i produktutveckling
  Innovationsledning och kreativitet i svenska företag, VINNOVA, 2012, 56-69.

Lovén Eva
  The Initiative Taker in Product and Technology Development
  Executives and Technology: Essays in Honour of Christer Karlsson, European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM), 2011, 85-90.

Gunnar Lagerström, Linda Rose and Eva Lovén
  Work environment and economics
  Work and Technology on Human Terms, Prevent, 2009, 1-718.

Gunnar Lagerström, Linda Rose and Eva Lovén
  Arbetsmiljö och ekonomi, LIU-IEI-R--08/0048--SE
  Arbete och teknik på människans villkor, Prevent, 2008, 637-662.

Conference Articles

Eva Lovén
  Teamwork and conflicts in creative and innovative work: Working paper
  IWOT 17 International Workshop on Team Working, 2013.

Eva Lovén
  Understanding proactive initiative and task conflict in innovative work
  XXIII ISPIM Conference: Action for innovation: Innovating from experience, 2012.

Eva Lovén
  Kreativitet i resurseffektiv produktutveckling
  Lean och innovationsförmåga - hinder, möjligheter och kunskapsluckor, 2012.

Eva Lovén
  Tight time - to be or not to be creative?
  In proceedings 6th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2011.

Eva Lovén
  Employee initiatives for creativity and innovation in a product development department
  In proceedings XXII ISPIM International Society for Professional Innovation Management Conference: Sustainability in innovation: Innovation management challenges, 2011.

Hans Björkman and Eva Lovén
  Innovative Capability: A Process Oriented Model
  The R and D Conference 2010: Information Imagination and Intelligence in R D Management, 2010.

Eva Lovén
  Att vara eller inte vara kreativ i en effektiv produktutvecklingsorganisation?
  FALF Tvärvetenskaplig konferens kring arbetsliv och arbetsmiljö, 2010.

Eva Lovén and Hans Björkman
  Understanding initiatives for creativity and innovation - reactive or proactive?
  Dynamics of Innovation, 2010.

Nicolette Lakemond, Eva Lovén and Jonas Detterfelt
  Creativity in Accelerated Product Development - A trade-off or balancing act?
  16th International Product Development Management Conference, June 7-9, 2009, Twente, The Netherlands, 2009.

Jonas Detterfelt, Eva Lovén and Nicolette Lakemond
  Suggestion systems for engineering designers - A case study
  Proceedings of ICED 09, the 17th International Conference on Engineering Design, Vol. 9: Human Behavior in Design, 2009.

Nicolette Lakemond, Eva Lovén and Jonas Detterfelt
  Understanding creativity motors and obstacles in product development
  RD Management Workshop: Integrating Knowledge: A challenge for RD Management,2008, 2008.

Jonas Detterfelt, Eva Lovén and Nicolette Lakemond
  Contradicting views on creativity obstacles in efficient new product development
  The Proceedings of the XIX ISPIM Conference: Open Innovation: Creating Products and Services through Collaboration, 2008.

Eva Lovén, Nicolette Lakemond and Jonas Detterfelt
  Creativity in efficient product development: A typology for identifying creative initiatives, LIU-IEI-R--08/0047--SE
  15th International Product Development Management Conference, 2008.

Eva Lovén and Petter Krus
  Product Development under Co-opetition
  NordDesign,2006, 2006.

Christer Karlsson and Eva Lovén
  Creating new technology visions for integrating new and emerging technologies
  POMS Conference OM Frontiers: Winds of Change Conference,2005, 2005.

Eva Lovén
  The changed role of new technology in manufacturing products
  International Conference on Management of Technology,2005, 2005.

Eva Lovén
  New technology initiatives from within and outside a company - different agility abilities
  International Conference on Agility ICAM,2005, 2005.

Eva Lovén and Petter Krus
  The degree of competition in co-opetition
  EIASM Workshop on coopetition strategy: Toward a new kind of interfirm dynamics,2004, 2004.

Eva Lovén and Petter Krus
  Managing cooperation and competition in product realisation
  13th International Conference on Management of Technology,2004, 2004.

Eva Lovén and Christer Karlsson
  "Procuring consultants" for integrated product realisation
  11th International Product Development Management Conference,2004, 2004.

Jörgen Eklund, Peter Kammerlind, Eva Lovén and Mats Lörstad
  Process Oriented Postgraduate Teaching -PROPOSTE
  Proc. of Nordic Ergonomics Society Conf. NES2003,2003, 2003.


Eva Lovén
  LEKA projekt: Kreativitet i resurseffektiv produktutveckling - organisation, processer och arbetssätt (slutrapport)