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Hanna Henriksson, Britt Eriksson, Elisabet Forsum, Eva Flinke Carlsson, Pontus Henriksson and Marie Löf
  Longitudinal assessment of body composition in healthy Swedish children from 1 week until 4 years of age
  European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2017, 71(11), 1345-1352.

Elisabet Forsum, Eva Flinke Carlsson, Hanna Henriksson, Pontus Henriksson and Marie Löf
  Total body fat content versus BMI in 4-year-old healthy Swedish children.
  Journal of Obesity, 2013, 2013, .
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Elisabeth Olhager, Eva Flinke, Ulf Hannerstad and Elisabet Forsum
  Studies on human body composition during the first 4 months of life using magnetic resonance imaging and isotope dilution
  Pediatric Research, 2003, 54(6), 906-912.
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