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Journal Articles

Erik Trell
  Mathemimetics I: Self-Computational Prime-Number Line and Three-Dimensional Diophantine Equation Matrix
  AIP Conference Proceedings, 2012, 1479, 2138-2142.

Erik Trell
  Mathemimetics II. Demonstratio Mirabilis of FLT by Infinitely Ascending Cubical Crystal Growth
  AIP Conference Proceedings, 2012, 1479, 2143-2146.

Erik Trell
  Mathemimetics III: Digital Outline of Elementary Particles With Substantiation of Mutual Electron/Nucleon Lattice
  AIP Conference Proceedings, 2012, 1479, 1037-1040.
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Eduardo Roel, Olle Zetterström, Erik Trell and Tomas Faresjö
  Why are some children with early onset of asthma getting better over the years? - Diagnostic failure or salutogenetic factors
  International Journal of Medical Sciences, 2009, 6(6), 348-357.
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P.N. Theodorakis, G.D. Mantzavinis, L. Rrumbullaku, C. Lionis and Erik Trell
  Measuring health inequalities in Albania: A focus on the distribution of general practitioners
  Human Resources for Health, 2006, 4, .

Eduardo Roel, Åshild Faresjö, Olle Zetterström, Erik Trell and Tomas Faresjö
  Clinically diagnosed childhood asthma and follow-up of symptoms in a Swedish case control study
  BMC Family Practice, 2005, 6, .

L Rrumbullaku, PN Theodorakis, PN Pulluqi, C Lionis and Erik Trell
  Postgraduate training in family medicine in Albania
  Postgraduate medical journal, 2002, 919, 308-310.

L Rrumbullaku, PN Theodorakis, P Caca, C Lionis and Erik Trell
  Medical education in Albania: Current situation and perspective, with reference to primary care
  Croatian Medical Journal, 2002, 43(1), 50-53.
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Pavlos Theodorakis, Llukan Rrumbullaku, Dimitri Glaros, Christos Lionis and Erik Trell
  Gröna öar för balkansk primärvård?
  Läkartidningen, 2001, 98, 2747-2747.

Christos Lionis, John Vlachonikolis, Marios Chatziarseni, Tomas Faresjö, Ingolfur Kristjansson, Minas Tzagournissakis, Andreas Plaitakis and Erik Trell
  Managing Alzheimer´s disease in primary care in Crete, Greece: room for improvement.
  Quality Management in Health Care, 2001, 9, 16-21.

Erik Trell
  Läkarförbundet sviker sitt första bud - skarp protest mot förbundets agerande i inhemskt "Sacharow-fall".
  Läkartidningen, 2000, 97, 1876-1877.

Erik Trell
  Amerikanskt toppmöte om "science and technology plicy" mest en mässa.
  Läkartidningen, 2000, 97, 3222-3222.

M Chtziarsenis, C Lionis, E Makri, K Sapouna, M Fioretos, Tomas Faresjö, M Mavromanolakis, J Vlachonikolis and Erik Trell
  Bringing community involvement into a Cretan primary/hospital care centrel.
  Journal of medical systems, 1999, 23, 123-131.

C Lionis, Tomas Faresjö, M Fioretos and Erik Trell
  Unwinding Ariadne´s thread: some methodological and interpretative considerations on international hospital admission comparisons with special reference to cancer.
  Anticancer Research, 1999, 19, 1411-1418.

B Lorentzson and Erik Trell
  Introduzing the Theme in a Qualitative Interview Using a Visual Starter.
  Journal of medical systems, 1999, 23, 437-446.

M Chtziarsenis, S Miyakis, Tomas Faresjö, M Fioretos, Erik Trell and C Lionis
  Is there room for General Practice in Penitentiary Instituions? Screening and vaccinating high risk groups against hepatitis.
  Family Practice, 1999, 16, 366-368.

L Spång, E A Thireos, C Lionis and Erik Trell
  Face and Contents Validity, and Feasibility of Healthometer. A Delphi Study.
  Journal of medical systems, 1999, 23(6), 457-465.

Sunil Kohli, K. Sahlén, Owe Löfman, Åke Sivertun, Mats Foldevi, Erik Trell and Ove Wigertz
  Individuals living in areas with high background radon: a GIS method to identify populations at risk
  Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 1997, 53(2), 105-112.

Kristina Davidson, Erik Trell, C Lionis, A Koutis, Tomas Faresjö, Toomas Timpka and M Fioretos
  Following the thread of Ariadne to the health of women
  Health Care for Women International, 1996, 17(3), 201-208.

Sunil Kohli, K. Sahlén, Åke Sivertun, Owe Löfman, Erik Trell and Ove Wigertz
  Distance from the primary health center: a GIS method to study geographical access to health care
  Journal of medical systems, 1995, 19(6), 425-436.

Ashok K. Singh, Sunil Kohli, Khalid Moidu, Karin Boström, Erik Trell and Ove Wigertz
  Primary health care computing analysis of Swedish maternal health records
  Journal of medical systems, 1994, 18(5), 221-228.

Kiki Tsamandouraki, Yannis Alamanos, Tomas Faresjö, Kristina Davidson, Antonis Koutis, Christos Lionis, Erik Trell and Michael Fioretos
  Hospital admissions for different cancer diagnosis: a comparison between two European landscapes
  Anticancer Research, 1994, 14(5B), 2167-2170.

Michael Fioretos, Kristina Davidson, Tomas Faresjö, Yannis Alamanos, Antonis Koutis, Christos Lionis, Erik Trell and Kiki Tsamandouraki
  Hospital admissions in two European landscapes - comparison between Heraklion, Greece and Linköping
  International Journal of Health Sciences, 1993, 4, 33-39.

A.K. Singh, Khalid Moidu, Erik Trell and Ove Wigertz
  Impact on the management and delivery of primary health care by a computer-based information system
  Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 1992, 37, 55-64.

Khalid Moidu, Ashok Kumar Singh, Karin Boström, Shamsul Chowdhury, Erik Trell and Ove Wigertz
  Towards an essential data set: Applicability in the domain of maternal health services
  Methods of Information in Medicine, 1992, 31, 182-192.

Khalid Moidu, Ashok Kumar Singh, Karin Boström, Ove Wigertz, Erik Trell and B Kjessler
  MCHS: an application software for family welfare programmes
  Medical Informatics & the Internet in Medicine, 1992, 17(4), 279-291.

Khalid Moidu, Ove Wigertz and Erik Trell
  A multicenter study of data collection and communication at primary health care centers
  Journal of medical systems, 1991, 15(3), 205-230.

Khalid Moidu, Ove Wigertz and Erik Trell
  Multi centre systems analysis study of primary health care: a study of socio-organizational and human factors
  International journal of bio-medical computing, 1991, 30, 27-42.

Chapters in Books

Ashok Kumar Singh, Erik Trell, Ove Wigertz and Sunil Kohli
  Bhorugram (India): revisited A 4 year follow-up of computere-based inforamtion system for distributed MCH services
  Yearbook of Medical Informatics, International Medical Informatics Association, 1998, 208-216.

Conference Articles

Erik Trell
  Lie, Santilli, and Nanotechnology From the Elementary Particles to the Periodic Table of the Elements

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Dimitri Glaros, Helen QiqI, Paul Theodorakis, Erik Trell and Christos Lionis
  Health care in Albania: what of the future?
  Lancet,2001, 2001.

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Ashok Kumar Singh, Erik Trell, Sunil Kohli and Ove Wigertz
  Primary care informatics: Bhorugram, India_ Revisited
  Medical Informatics Europe97,1997, 1997.

Khalid Moidu, Ashok Kumar Singh, Ove Wigertz and Erik Trell
  Computers in primary health care: A cost-effectiveness analysis
  MEDINFO92,1992, 1992.

Ashok Kumar Singh, Khalid Moidu, B.S. Rathore, Erik Trell and Ove Wigertz
  Computers in primary health care. The Bhorugramexperience - India
  MIE91,1991, 1991.