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Journal Articles

Erik Bergfeldt, Svante Ekelin and Johan M Karlsson
  Real-time bandwidth measurements over mobile connections
  European transactions on telecommunications, 2011, 22(6), 255-267.
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Erik Bergfeldt, S. Ekelin and Johan M Karlsson
  Real-time available-bandwidth estimation using filtering and change detection
  Computer Networks, 2009, 53(15), 2617-2645.
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Conference Articles

Erik Bergfeldt, Svante Ekelin and Johan M Karlsson
  A Performance Study of Bandwidth Measurement Tools over Mobile Connections
  2009 IEEE 69th Vehicular Technology Conference Spring: Proceedings, 2009.

Erik Bergfeldt, Svante Ekelin and Johan M Karlsson
  Bandwidth Estimation over a High-Speed Downlink Shared Channel in UMTS
  Nordic Conference on Radio Science and Communications RVK,2008, 2008.

Erik Bergfeldt
  Real-Time Estimation of Available Bandwidth using the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm
  Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop SNCNW,2008, 2008.

Erik Bergfeldt, Svante Ekelin and Johan M Karlsson
  Change Detection and Estimation for Network-Measurement Applications
  The 2nd ACM International Workshop on Performance Monitoring, Measurement, and Evaluation of Heterogeneous Wireless and Wired Networks,2007, 2007.

Erik Hartikainen and Svante Ekelin
  Enhanced Network-State Estimation using Change Detection
  31st IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks, Proceedings 2006, 2006.

Svante Ekelin, Martin Nilsson, Erik Hartikainen, Andreas Johnsson, Jan-Erik Mångs, Bob Melander and Mats Björkman
  Real-Time Measurement of End-to-End Available Bandwidth using Kalman Filtering
  10th IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium, 2006. NOMS 2006., 2006.

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Erik Hartikainen and Svante Ekelin
  Tuning the Temporal Characteristics of a Kalman-Filter Method for End-to-End Bandwidth Estimation
  4th IEEE/IFIP Workshop on End-to-End Monitoring Techniques and Services, 2006, 2006.

Erik Hartikainen, Svante Ekelin and Johan M Karlsson
  Adjustment of the BART Kalman Filter to Improve Real-Time Estimation of End-to-End Available Bandwidth
  Proceedings of SNCNW 2005, 2005.

Ph.D. Theses

Erik Bergfeldt
  Available-Bandwidth Estimation in Packet-Switched Communication Networks

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Licentiate Theses

Qing He
  Revisiting Optimal Link Activation and Minimum-Time Scheduling in Wireless Networks

Erik Hartikainen
  Filter-based bandwidth estimation for communication networks