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Journal Articles

Erik Gabrielsson, Astrid Armgarth, Per Hammarström, Peter Nilsson and Magnus Berggren
  Spatiotemporal Control of Amyloid-Like A Plaque Formation Using a Multichannel Organic Electronic Device
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  Macromolecular materials and engineering (Print), 2016, 301(4), 359-363.

Daniel T Simon, Erik Gabrielsson, Klas Tybrandt and Magnus Berggren
  Organic Bioelectronics: Bridging the Signaling Gap between Biology and Technology
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  Chemical Reviews, 2016, , .
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Abdellah Malti, Erik Gabrielsson, Xavier Crispin and Magnus Berggren
  An Electrochromic Bipolar Membrane Diode
  Advanced Materials, 2015, 27(26), 3909-+.
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Erik O. Gabrielsson, Per Janson, Klas Tybrandt, Daniel T. Simon and Magnus Berggren
  A Four-Diode Full-Wave Ionic Current Rectifier Based on Bipolar Membranes: Overcoming the Limit of Electrode Capacity
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  Advanced Materials, 2014, 26(30), 5143-5147.
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Erik O. Gabrielsson, Klas Tybrandt and Magnus Berggren
  Polyphosphonium-Based Ion Bipolar Junction Transistors
  Biomicrofluidics, 2014, 8(6), 064116.
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Erik Gabrielsson and Magnus Berggren
  Polyphosphonium-based bipolar membranes for rectification of ionic currents
  Biomicrofluidics, 2013, 7(6), 064117.
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Erik O. Gabrielsson, Klas Tybrandt and Magnus Berggren
  Ion diode logics for pH control
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  Lab on a Chip, 2012, 12(14), 2507-2513.
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Klas Tybrandt, Erik Gabrielsson and Magnus Berggren
  Toward Complementary Ionic Circuits: The npn Ion Bipolar Junction Transistor
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  Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2011, 133(26), 10141-10145.
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Abdellah Malti, Erik Gabrielsson, Magnus Berggren and Xavier Crispin
  Ultra-low voltage air-stable polyelectrolyte gated n-type organic thin film transistors
  Applied Physics Letters, 2011, 99(6), 063305.
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Erik O Gabrielsson, Klas Tybrandt, Per Hammarström, Magnus Berggren and Peter Nilsson
  Spatially Controlled Amyloid Reactions Using Organic Electronics
  SMALL, 2010, 6(19), 2153-2161.
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Ph.D. Theses

Erik O. Gabrielsson
  Monopolar and Bipolar Membranes in Organic Bioelectronic Devices

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