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Journal Articles

Erik Berglund
  Communicating bugs: Global bug knowledge distribution
  Information and Software Technology, 2005, 47(11), 709-719.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 1

Magnus Bång, Anders Larsson, Erik Berglund and Henrik Eriksson
  Distributed user interfaces for clinical ubiquitous computing applications
  International Journal of Medical Informatics, 2005, 74(7-8), 545-551.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 10

Aseel Berglund, Erik Berglund, Anders Larsson and Magnus Bång
  The Paper Remote: An Augmented TV Guide and Remote Control
  Universal Access in the Information Society (UAIS), 2005, 4(4), 300-327.

Erik Berglund
  Designing electronic reference documentation for software component libraries
  Journal of Systems and Software, 2003, 68(1), 65-75.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 3

Rego Granlund, Erik Berglund and Henrik Eriksson
  Designing web-based simulation for learning
  Future generations computer systems, 2000, 17(2), 171-185.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 16

Chapters in Books

Anders Fröberg, Henrik Eriksson and Erik Berglund
  Developing a DUI Based Operator Control Station
  Distributed User Interfaces: Designing Interfaces for the Distributed Ecosystem, Springer London, 2011, 41-49.

Leili Lind, Aseel Berglund, Erik Berglund, Magnus Bång and Sture Hägglund
  Effortless data capture for ambient e-services with digital pen and paper technology
  Designing Solution-Based Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing: New Issues and Trends, Information Science Publishing/IGI Global, 2010, 24-43.

Micael Sjölund, Anders Larsson and Erik Berglund
  Smartphone views: Building multi-device distributed user interfaces
  Mobile Human-Computer Interaction - MobileHCI 2004: 6th International Symposium, MobileHCI, Glasgow, UK, September 13 - 16, 2004. Proceedings, Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, 2004, 507-511.

Conference Articles

Aseel Berglund, Erik Berglund, Fabio Siliberto and Erik Prytz
  Effects of Reactive and Strategic Game Mechanics in Motion-based Games

Micael Sjölund, Anders Larsson and Erik Berglund
  The Walk-Away GUI: Interface Distribution to Mobile Devices
  IASTED-HCI 2005,2005, 2005.

Anders Larsson, Magnus Bång, Erik Berglund, sara ljungblad, Maria Håkansson and Lars-Erik Holmquist
  Augmenting paper-based work practice.
  UbiComp 2004,2004, 2004.

Anders Larsson and Erik Berglund
  Programming ubiquitous software applications: requirments for distributed user interface
  Proceedings of The Sixteenth International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering SEKE04,2004, 2004.

Micael Sjölund and Erik Berglund
  SensAid Pad: Supporting Context-Aware Information Navigation
  Online proceedings of the Workshop on Component-Oriented Approaches to Context-Aware Systems, in conjunction with ECOOP'04', 2004.

Micael Sjölund, Anders Larsson and Erik Berglund
  Smartphone Views: Building Multi-Device Distributed User Interfaces
  Mobile HCI,2004, 2004.

Magnus Bång, Erik Berglund and Anders Larsson
  A Paper-Based Ubiquitous Computing Heathcare Environment
  Fourth International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing, 2002.

Erik Berglund and Magnus Bång
  Requirements for Distributed User-Interfaces in Ubiquitous Computing Networks
  Proceedings of First International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM2002), 2002.

Henrik Eriksson, Erik Berglund and Peter Nevalainen
  Using knowledge engineering support for a Java documentation viewer
  Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, 2002.

Erik Berglund and Michael Priestley
  Open-Source Documentation: in search of user-driven, just-in-time writing
  Proceedings of SIGDOC 2001, October 21– 24, 2001 in Santa Fe, NM, 2001.

Erik Berglund and Henrik Eriksson
  Dynamic Software Component Documentation
  Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Learning Software Organizations, in conjunction with the Second International Conference on Product Focused software Process Improvement June 20 2000, Oulu, Finland, 2000.

Erik Berglund
  Writing for Adaptable Documentation
  Proceedings of IPCC/SIGDOC 2000, September 24 – 27, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2000.

Erik Berglund and Henrik Eriksson
  Distributed Interactive Simulation for Group-Distance Exercises on the Web
  1998 International Conference on Web-based Modelling Simulation,1998, 1998.

Erik Berglund and Henrik Eriksson
  Intermediate Knowledge trough Conceptual Source-Code Organization
  Proceedings of the 10:th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, June 18-20 San Francisco Bay CA USA, 1998.

Ph.D. Theses

Erik Berglund
  Library Communication Among Programmers Worldwide

  Fulltext PDF

Licentiate Theses

Erik Berglund
  Use-Oriented Documentation in Software Development


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