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Pitsiri Sukkaew, Emil Kalered, Erik Janzén, Olle Kordina, Örjan Danielsson and Lars Ojamäe
  Growth Mechanism of SiC Chemical Vapor Deposition: Adsorption and Surface Reactions of Active Si Species
  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2018, 122(1), 648-661.
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Emil Kalered, N. Brenning, Iris Pilch, L. Caillault, T. Minea and Lars Ojamäe
  On the work function and the charging of small (r <= 5 nm) nanoparticles in plasmas
  Physics of Plasmas, 2017, 24(1), .
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Milan Yazdanfar, Emil Kalered, Örjan Danielsson, Olle Kordina, Daniel Nilsson, Ivan Gueorguiev Ivanov, Lars Ojamäe, Erik Janzén and Henrik Pedersen
  Brominated chemistry for chemical vapor deposition of electronic grade SiC
  Chemistry of Materials, 2015, 27(3), 793-801.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 6

Emil Kalered, Henrik Pedersen, Erik Janzén and Lars Ojamäe
  Adsorption and surface diffusion of silicon growth species in silicon carbide chemical vapour deposition processes studied by quantum-chemical computations
  Theoretical Chemistry accounts, 2013, 132(12), .
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Ph.D. Theses

Emil Kalered
  Quantum chemical studies of deposition and catalytic surface reactions

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