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Emil Holmer, Mikael Heimann and Mary Rudner
  Evidence of an association between sign language phonological awareness and word reading in deaf and hard-of-hearing children
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  Research in Developmental Disabilities, 2016, 48, 145-159.
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Mary Rudner, Elena Toscano and Emil Holmer
  Load and distinctness interact in working memory for lexical manual gestures
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  Frontiers in Psychology, 2015, 6, .
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Josefine Andin, Eleni Orfanidou, Velia Cardin, Emil Holmer, Cheryl M. Capek, Bencie Woll, Jerker Rönnberg and Mary Rudner
  Similar digit-based working memory in deaf signers and hearing non-signers despite digit span differences
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  Frontiers in Psychology, 2013, 4(942), .
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Conference Articles

Emil Holmer, Mikael Heimann and Mary Rudner
  Imitation and language development in deaf and hearing schoolchildren
  The seventh annual meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language October 15-17 2015 Chicago, 2015.

Emil Holmer, Mikael Heimann and Mary Rudner
  Sign language phonological awareness supports word reading in deaf beginning readers
  The third annual International Conference on Cognitive Hearing Science for Communication, CHSCOM 2015, will be held June 14-17, 2015 in Linköping, 2015.

Emil Holmer, Mikael Heimann and Mary Rudner
  The effects of computerized sign language based literacy training in Deaf beginning readers
  Second International Conference on Hearing Science for Communication,Linköping June 16-19, 2013, 2013.

Mary Rudner, Emil Holmer and Mikael Heimann
  Sign language based literacy training with Omega-is-d
  Fifth Conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies, 24-27/7 2012, Lund, Sweden, 2012.

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