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Journal Articles

Els-Marie Anbäcken
  Sociocultural reflections on caregiving roles in Japan and Sweden
  Japanese Journal of Human Sciences of Health-Social Services, 2011, 18(1), 41-47.

Els-Marie Anbäcken
  Existential issues in later-life care, a Swedish case study
  Kwansei Gakuin University Social Sciences Review, 2008, 13, 63-99.

Kajsa Funkesson, Els-Marie Anbäcken and Anna-Christina Ek
  Nurses' reasoning process during care planning taking pressure ulcer prevention as an example. A think-aloud study
  International Journal of Nursing Studies, 2007, 44(7), 1109-1119.
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Els-Marie Anbäcken
  On the Need to Address Spirituality and Well-Being in Later Life Care - Some Reflections
  Advanced social research, 2006, 4, 101-134.

Els-Marie Anbäcken
  From "Who Cares?" to "Why Care"? Linking a Socio-Cultural Research project in Japanology to Missiology
  Swedish Missiological Themes [Svensk Missionstidskrift], 2003, 91(4), 633-648.

Chapters in Books

Els-Marie Anbäcken
  Policy language in the care for the aged in Japan and Sweden: does in reflect or steer ideology
  New tools in welfare research, NSU press, 2013, 255-293.

Anna Whitaker and Els-Marie Anbäcken
  Omsorgens existentiella innebörder i livets sista tid- från de äldstas horisont
  Åldrande och omsorgens gestaltningar: mot nya perspektiv, Studentlitteratur, 2012, 163-187.

Ingrid Johansson, Els-Marie Anbäcken, Masako Nitta, Håkan Karp and Yasuhito Kinoshita
  Daily life as seen from the perspectives of older people in Sweden and Japan
  Older people in an international local context: The cases of Japan and Sweden, Vårdalstiftelsen, 2008, 130-164.

Els-Marie Anbäcken and Masako Nitta
  "Until death do us part?" Experienced institutionalisation: couples  experiences in a spouses`placement process in Sweden and Japan
  Older people in an international local context; The cases of Japan and Sweden, Vårdalstiftelsen, 2008, 165-213.

Els-Marie Anbäcken, Masaaki Hashimoto, Mikako Inagaki, Etsuko Yamamoto, LInda Hellström and Karin Nilsson
  Voices from inside: A study of nursing home residents`views of life, ageing and care in Japan and Sweden
  Older people in an international local context; The cases of Japan and Sweden, Vårdalstiftelsen www.vardal.se, 2008, 214-255.

Els-Marie Anbäcken
  Researching Home Help Services for the Elderly in Japan and Sweden: How Cultural Concepts Affect the Research Design
  Changing worlds and the ageing subject: dimensions in the study of ageing and later life, Ashgate, 2004, 96-114.

Els-Marie Anbäcken
  Efterord (fri översättning av japanska titeln)
  Who Cares? Culture, Structure and Agency in Caring for the Elderly in Japan: Japanese family and care seen with Swedish eyes (fri översättning av japanska titeln), Chuohoki (Japaneese); Institute of Oriental Languages (English), 2003, 189-204.

Els-Marie Anbäcken, Hitoshi Asano and Kayoko Minemoto
  "What can be learned from Sweden" (fri översättning av japanska titeln)
  Who Cares? Culture Structure and Agency in Caring for the Elderly in Japan: "Japan`s family and care seen with Swedish eyes" (fri översättning av japansk titel), Chuohoki, 2003, 159-187.

Conference Proceedings

Els-Marie Anbäcken and Yasuhito Kinoshita
  Older people in an international local context: The cases of Japan and Sweden
  Vårdalstiftelsen rapportserie, 1/2008, Vårdalstiftelsen, 2008.

Conference Articles

Els-Marie Anbäcken and Jens Jörn Dahlgaard
  Must Be and Attractive Quality in Elder Care - Barriers and Challenges?
  QMOD Conference,2005, 2005.

Els-Marie Anbäcken and Owe Anbäcken
  Home Help Services in Combination with Rehabilitation Activities for Elderly. Comparisons Japan - Sweden. International Hospital Federation
  International Hospital Federation,1999, 1999.

Els-Marie Anbäcken and Owe Anbäcken
  One hundred Japanese study visitors' perspective on Swedish welfare.
  Nordic Symposium on Japanese and Korean Studies,1998, 1998.


Katarina Lundborg, Elisabet Cedersund and Els-Marie Anbäcken
  Garnisonen - ett steg på väg!: om starten av ett kortidsboende för äldre personer på väg hem från sjukhus : rapport om de första årens verksamhet på Garnisonens vårdboende i Linköping = Garnisonen - a step ahead! : on the launch of a short term living for older people heading for home after hospital stay : report from the first years of work at Garnisonen care living in Linköping
  FoU-rapport (FoU-centrum för vård, omsorg och socialt arbete), 50:2009, 2009.

Janicke Andersson and Els-Marie Anbäcken
  The Ageing Population and the local Community, a Comprative Study on Japan and Sweden " Community Profiles of the Swedish Field, Norrköping".


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