Publications for Elina Ramsell
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Journal Articles

Elina Ramsell and Elin Wihlborg
  Governing Technical Information Systems in Local Crisis Management
  Public Works Management & Policy, 2012, 17(3), 303-318.

Jenny Palm and Elina Ramsell
  Developing Local Emergency Management by Co-Ordination Between Municipalities in Policy Networks: Experiences from Sweden
  Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 2007, 15(4), 173-182.
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Conference Articles

Elina Ramsell and Elin Wihlborg
  Governing web-based information systems as innovations for local crises management and co-ordination
  Scanidanvian Worskhop on e-Government,2009, 2009.

Elina Ramsell
  Erfarenheter från Sverige: Hur uppnås samverkan och effektiv kriskommunikation i kommunal krishantering?
  Nordiske Kommunalforskerkonferensen,2008, 2008.

Jenny Palm and Elina Ramsell
  Develop local emergency management by coordination between municipalities in networks - experiences from Sweden
  RiskCom, New Perspectives on Risk Communication Uncertainty in a Complex Society,2006, 2006.

Licentiate Theses

Elina Ramsell
  Kommunal krisberedskap: utveckling genom samverkan och tekniska informationssystem

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