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Eduardo Roel, Olle Zetterström, Erik Trell and Tomas Faresjö
  Why are some children with early onset of asthma getting better over the years? - Diagnostic failure or salutogenetic factors
  International Journal of Medical Sciences, 2009, 6(6), 348-357.
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Eduardo Roel, Åshild Faresjö, Olle Zetterström, Erik Trell and Tomas Faresjö
  Clinically diagnosed childhood asthma and follow-up of symptoms in a Swedish case control study
  BMC Family Practice, 2005, 6, .

Eduardo Roel, Åshild Olsen Faresjö, Olle Zetterström and Tomas Faresjö
  Perinatal, social, and environmental factors and the risk for childhood asthma in a 10-year follow-up
  Pediatric Asthma Allergy & Immunology, 2004, 17(2), 136-145.

Eduardo Roel, Åshild Olsen-Faresjö, Olle Zetterström and Tomas Faresjö
  Perinatal, Socila, and Environmental Factors and the Risk for Childhood Asthma in a 10-Year Follow-Up
  Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, 2004, 17(2), 146-150.

Tomas Faresjö, Eduardo Roel, Å Olsen Faresjö and Max Kjellman
  Astma hos barn blir allt vanligare. Journalstudie visar en fördubbling under en tioårsperiod. 
  Läkartidningen, 1999, 96, 5368-6369.

Eduardo Roel, Å Olsen Faresjö, Max Kjellman and Tomas Faresjö
  Cumulative incidence of asthma diagnosis at the age of seven in a birth cohort. 
  European Journal of General Practice, 1999, 5, 71-74.


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