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Journal Articles

Sung Won Lee, Minkwan Shin, Jae Yoon Park, Bong Soo Kim, Deyu Tu, Sanghun Jeon and Unyong Jeong
  Thin Ion-Gel Dielectric Layer to Enhance the Stability of Polymer Transistors
  Science of Advanced Materials, 2015, 7(5), 874-880.
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Deyu Tu, David Nilsson and Robert Forchheimer
  Electrochromic Electrochemical Transistors Gated With Polyelectrolyte-Decorated Amyloid Fibrils
  IEEE/OSA Journal of Display Technology, 2013, 9(9), 755-759.
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Deyu Tu and Robert Forchheimer
  Self-oscillation in electrochemical transistors: An RLC modeling approach
  Solid-State Electronics, 2012, 69, 7-10.
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Deyu Tu, Lars Herlogsson, Loig Kergoat, Xavier Crispin and Magnus Berggren
  A Static Model for Electrolyte-Gated Organic Field-Effect Transistors
  IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 2011, 58(10), 3574-3582.
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Conference Articles

Deyu Tu, Robert Forchheimer, Lars Herlogsson, Xavier Crispin and Magnus Berggren
  Parameter extraction for electrolyte-gated organic field effect transistor modeling
  20th European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design (ECCTD), 2011.