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Journal Articles

Kieran Patel, Andreas Roessler, Helmut Karl Lackner, Irhad Trozic, Charles Laing, David Lorr, David A. Green, Helmut Hinghofer-Szalkay and Nandu Goswami
  Effect of postural changes on cardiovascular parameters across gender
  Medicine (Baltimore, Md.), 2016, 95(28), e4149.
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Conference Articles

David Lorr, Henrik Harder, Lena Harder, Anders Broström and Eva Svanborg
  Blood flow changes during obstuctive apnoeas can be estimated by using thermal measurements
  World Sleep 07,2007, 2007.

M Ulander, David Lorr and Eva Svanborg
  Changes in surface body temperatures during sleep
  18th Congress of European Sleep Research Society,2006, 2006.