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Fabian Esamai, Simeon Mining, Pia Forsberg and David H. Lewis
  A comparison of brain, core and skin temperature in children with complicated and uncomplicated malaria
  Journal of Tropical Pediatrics, 2001, 47(3), 170-175.
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Fabian Esamai, E. Nabakwe, S. Mining, Pia Forsberg and David H. Lewis
  Clinical presentation and diagnosis of cerebral malaria in children in the highlands of western Kenya
  East African Medical Journal, 1999, 76(2), 89-92.

Fabian Esamai, S. Jivaji, Pia Forsberg, David H. Lewis and G. M. Anabwani
  A comparison of core and skin temperature among normal and febrile children with cerebral malaria, uncomplicated malaria, and measles
  Pathophysiology, 1995, 2(1), 55-59.


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