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David Bastviken, Sivakiruthika Natchimuthu and Balathandayuthabani Panneer Selvam
  Letter: Response: Inland water greenhouse gas emissions: when to model and when to measure? in GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY, vol 21, issue 4, pp 1379-1380
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  Global Change Biology, 2015, 21(4), 1379-1380.

Malin Montelius, Yves Thiry, Laura Marang, Jacques Ranger, Jean-Thomas Cornelis, Teresia Svensson and David Bastviken
  Experimental Evidence of Large Changes in Terrestrial Chlorine Cycling Following Altered Tree Species Composition
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  Environmental Science and Technology, 2015, 49(8), 4921-4928.

Roberta B. Peixoto, Fausto Machado-Silva, Humberto Marotta, Alex Enrich Prast and David Bastviken
  Spatial versus Day-To-Day Within-Lake Variability in Tropical Floodplain Lake CH4 Emissions - Developing Optimized Approaches to Representative Flux Measurements
  PLoS ONE, 2015, 10(4), e0123319.
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Madeleine Larsson, Xu-bin Truong, Annika Björn, Jörgen Ejlertsson, David Bastviken, Bo Svensson and Anna Karlsson
  Anaerobic digestion of alkaline bleaching wastewater from a Kraft pulp and paper mill using UASB technique
  Environmental technology, 2015, 36(12), 1489-98-1498.

Jos Schilder, David Bastviken, Maarten van Hardenbroek, Markus Leuenberger, Paeivi Rinta, Tabea Stoetter and Oliver Heiri
  The stable carbon isotopic composition of Daphnia ephippia in small, temperate lakes reflects in-lake methane availability
  Limnology and Oceanography, 2015, 60(3), 1064-1075.
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Marcus B. Wallin, Gesa A. Weyhenmeyer, David Bastviken, Hannah E. Chmiel, Simone Peter, Sebastian Sobek and Leif Klemedtsson
  Temporal control on concentration, character, and export of dissolved organic carbon in two hemiboreal headwater streams draining contrasting catchments
  Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences, 2015, 120(5), 832-846.

David Bastviken, Ingrid Sundgren, Sivakiruthika Natchimuthu, Henrik Reyier and Magnus Gålfalk
  Technical Note: Cost-efficient approaches to measure carbon dioxide (CO2) fluxes and concentrations in terrestrial and aquatic environments using mini loggers
  Biogeosciences, 2015, 12(12), 3849-3859.

E. Podgrajsek, E. Sahlee, David Bastviken, J. Holst, A. Lindroth, L. Tranvik and A. Rutgersson
  Comparison of floating chamber and eddy covariance measurements of lake greenhouse gas fluxes
  Biogeosciences, 2014, 11(15), 4225-4233.
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Henrique O. Sawakuchi, David Bastviken, Andre O. Sawakuchi, Alex V. Krusche, Maria V. R. Ballester and Jeffrey E. Richey
  Methane emissions from Amazonian Rivers and their contribution to the global methane budget
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  Global Change Biology, 2014, 20(9), 2829-2840.
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H. Marotta, L. Pinho, C. Gudasz, David Bastviken, L.J. Tranvik and Alex Enrich Prast
  Greenhouse gas production in low-latitude lake sediments responds strongly to warming
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  Nature Climate Change, 2014, 4(6), 467-470.
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M. van Hardenbroek, A.F. Lotter, David Bastviken, T.J. Andersen and O. Heiri
  Taxon-specific δ13C analysis of chitinous invertebrate remains in sediments from Strandsjön, Sweden
  Journal of Paleolimnology, 2014, 52(1-2), 95-105.
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Sivakiruthika Natchimuthu, Balathandayuthabani Panneer Selvam and David Bastviken
  Influence of weather variables on methane and carbon dioxide flux from a shallow pond
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  Biogeochemistry, 2014, 119(1-3), 403-413.
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Gabriel Yvon-Durocher, Andrew P. Allen, David Bastviken, Ralf Conrad, Cristian Gudasz, Annick St-Pierre, Nguyen Thanh-Duc and Paul A. del Giorgio
  Methane fluxes show consistent temperature dependence across microbial to ecosystem scales
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  Nature, 2014, 507(7493), 488-491.
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Martin Wik, Brett F. Thornton, David Bastviken, Sally MacIntyre, Ruth K. Varner and Patrick M. Crill
  Energy input is primary controller of methane bubbling in subarctic lakes
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  Geophysical Research Letters, 2014, 41(2), 555-560.
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Michael Gonsior, Norbert Hertkorn, Maureen Conte, William Cooper, David Bastviken, Ellen Druffel and Philippe Schimtt-Kopplin
  Photochemical Production of Polyols arising from Significant Photo-transformation of Dissolved Organic Matter in the Oligotrophic Surface Ocean
  Marine Chemistry, 2014, 163, 10-18.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 2

Anna Neubeck, Nguyen Thanh Duc, Helge Hellevang, Christopher Oze, David Bastviken, Zoltan Bacsik and Nils G. Holm
  Olivine alteration and H-2 production in carbonate-rich, low temperature aqueous environments
  Planetary and Space Science, 2014, 96, 51-61.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 2

Balathandayuthabani Panneer Selvam, Sivakiruthika Natchimuthu, Lakshmanan Arunachalam and David Bastviken
  Methane and carbon dioxide emissions from inland waters in India - implications for large scale greenhouse gas balances
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  Global Change Biology, 2014, 20(11), 3397-3407.
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Michael Gonsior, Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin, Helena Stavklint, Susan D. Richardson, Norbert Hertkorn and David Bastviken
  Changes in Dissolved Organic Matter during the Treatment Processes of a Drinking Water Plant in Sweden and Formation of Previously Unknown Disinfection Byproducts
  Environmental Science and Technology, 2014, 48(21), 12714-12722.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 2

Per Bengtson, David Bastviken and Gunilla Oeberg
  Possible roles of reactive chlorine II: assessing biotic chlorination as a way for organisms to handle oxygen stress
  Environmental Microbiology, 2013, 15(4), 991-1000.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 2

Nguyen Thanh Duc, Samuel Silverstein, Lars Lundmark, Henrik Reyier, Patrick Crill and David Bastviken
  Automated Flux Chamber for Investigating Gas Flux at Water-Air Interfaces
  Environmental Science and Technology, 2013, 47(2), 968-975.
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M van Hardenbroek, O Heiri, FJ W Parmentier, David Bastviken, B P Ilyashuk, J A Wiklund, R I Hall and A F Lotter
  Evidence for past variations in methane availability in a Siberian thermokarst lake based on delta C-13 of chitinous invertebrate remains
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  Quaternary Science Reviews, 2013, 66(SI), 74-84.
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Ana Lúcia Santoro, David Bastviken, Cristian Gudasz, Lars Tranvik and Alex Enrich-Prast
  Dark Carbon Fixation: An Important Process in Lake Sediments
  PLoS ONE, 2013, 8(6), .
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Magnus Gålfalk, David Bastviken, Sam Fredriksson and Lars Arneborg
  Determination of the piston velocity for water-air interfaces using flux chambers, acoustic Doppler velocimetry, and IR imaging of the water surface
  Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 2013, 118(2), 770-782.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 11

Martin Wik, Patrick M. Crill, Ruth K. Varner and David Bastviken
  Multiyear measurements of ebullitive methane flux from three subarctic lakes
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 8

Ana Lucia Santoro, David Bastviken, Lars Tranvik and Alex Enrich-Prast
  Simultaneous measurements of dark carbon fixation and bacterial production in lake sediment
  Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, 2013, 11, 298-303.

Christoph Aeppli, David Bastviken, Per Andersson and Orjan Gustafsson
  Chlorine Isotope Effects and Composition of Naturally Produced Organochlorines from Chloroperoxidases, Flavin-Dependent Halogenases, and in Forest Soil
  Environmental Science and Technology, 2013, 47(13), 6864-6871.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 8

Jos Schilder, David Bastviken, Maarten van Hardenbroek, Paula Kankaala, Paeivi Rinta, Tabea Stoetter and Oliver Heiri
  Spatial heterogeneity and lake morphology affect diffusive greenhouse gas emission estimates of lakes
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  Geophysical Research Letters, 2013, 40(21), 5752-5756.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 9

M Gonsior, P Schmitt-Kopplin and David Bastviken
  Depth-dependent molecular composition and photo-reactivity of dissolved organic matter in a boreal lake under winter and summer conditions
  Biogeosciences, 2013, 10(11), 6945-6956.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 6

S Luyssaert, G Abril, R Andres, David Bastviken, V Bellassen, P Bergamaschi, P Bousquet, F Chevallier, P Ciais, M Corazza, R Dechow, K -H Erb, G Etiope, A Fortems-Cheiney, G Grassi, J Hartmann, M Jung, J Lathiere, A Lohila, E Mayorga, N Moosdorf, D S Njakou, J Otto, D Papale, W Peters, P Peylin, P Raymond, C Roedenbeck, S Saarnio, E-D Schulze, S Szopa, R Thompson, P J Verkerk, N Vuichard, R Wang, M Wattenbach and S Zaehle
  The European land and inland water CO2, CO, CH4 and N2O balance between 2001 and 2005
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  Biogeosciences, 2012, 9(8), 3357-3380.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 10

Gunilla Oeberg and David Bastviken
  Transformation of Chloride to Organic Chlorine in Terrestrial Environments: Variability, Extent, and Implications
  Critical reviews in environmental science and technology, 2012, 42(23), 2526-2545.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 3

Angela M Sanseverino, David Bastviken, Ingvar Sundh, Jana Pickova and Alex Enrich-Prast
  Methane Carbon Supports Aquatic Food Webs to the Fish Level
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  PLoS ONE, 2012, 7(8), .
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 14

Cristian Gudasz, David Bastviken, Katrin Premke, Kristin Steger and Lars J. Tranvik
  Constrained microbial processing of allochthonous organic carbon in boreal lake sediments
  Limnology and Oceanography, 2012, 57(1), 163-175.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 17

M van Hardenbroek, A F Lotter, David Bastviken, N T Duc and O Heiri
  Relationship between d13C of chironomid remains and methane flux in Swedish lakes
  Freshwater Biology, 2012, 57(1), 166-177.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 8

Malin Gustavsson, Susanne Karlsson, Gunilla Oeberg, Per Sandén, Teresia Svensson, Salar Valinia, Yves Thiry and David Bastviken
  Organic Matter Chlorination Rates in Different Boreal Soils: The Role of Soil Organic Matter Content
  Environmental Science and Technology, 2012, 46(3), 1504-1510.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 4

Anna Neubeck, Nguyen Thanh Duc, David Bastviken, Patrick Crill and Nils G Holm
  Formation of H(2) and CH(4) by weathering of olivine at temperatures between 30 and 70 degrees C
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  Geochemical Transactions, 2011, 12(6), .
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 24

Nathan Barros, Jonathan J Cole, Lars J Tranvik, Yves T Prairie, David Bastviken, Vera L M Huszar, Paul del Giorgio and Fabio Roland
  Carbon emission from hydroelectric reservoirs linked to reservoir age and latitude
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  Nature Geoscience, 2011, 4(9), 593-596.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 81

Paul-Olivier Redon, Abdelouas Abdesselam, David Bastviken, Sébastien Cecchini, Manuel Nicolas and Yves Thiry
  Chloride and Organic Chlorine in Forest Soils: Storage, Resicence Times, and Influence of Ecological Conditons
  Environmental Science and Technology, 2011, 45(17), 7202-7208.
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David Bastviken, Lars J. Tranvik, John A. Downing, Patrick M. Crill and Alex Enrich-Prast
  Freshwater Methane Emissions Offset the Continental Carbon Sink
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  Science, 2011, 331(6013), 50-50.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 181

Martin Wik, Patric M. Crill, David Bastviken, Åsa Danielsson and Elin Norbäck
  Bubbles trapped in arctic lake ice: Potential implications for methane emissions.
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  Journal of Geophysical Research, 2011, 116, 1-10.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 10

Cristian Gudasz, David Bastviken, Kristin Steger, Katrin Premke, Sebastian Sobek and Lars J. Tranvik
  Temperature-controlled organic carbon mineralization in lake sediments
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  Nature, 2010, 466(7305), 478-481.
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David Bastviken, Ana Lucia Santoro, Humberto Marotta, Luana Queiroz Pinho, Debora Fernandes Calheiros, Patrick Crill and Alex Enrich-Prast
  Methane Emissions from Pantanal, South America, during the Low Water Season: Toward More Comprehensive Sampling
  Environmental Science and Technology, 2010, 44(14), 5450-5455.
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E. D. Schulze, P. Ciais, S. Luyssaert, M. Schrumpf, I. A. Janssens, B. Thiruchittampalam, J. Theloke, M. Saurat, S. Bringezu, J. Lelieveld, A. Lohila, C. Rebmann, M. Jung, David Bastviken, G. Abril, G. Grassi, A. Leip, A. Freibauer, W. Kutsch, A. Don, J. Nieschulze, A. Boerner, J. H. Gash and A. J. Dolman
  Correction: The European carbon balance. Part 4: integration of carbon and other trace-gas fluxes (vol 16, pg 1451, 2010)
  Global Change Biology, 2010, 16(8), 2399-2399.
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Jonathan J Cole, Darren L. Bade, David Bastviken, Michael L. Pace and Matthew Van de Bogert
  Multiple approaches to estimating air-water gas exchange in small lakes
  Limnology and Oceanography: Methods, 2010, 8, 285-293.
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Kristina Bäckstrand, P. M. Crill, M. Jackowicz-Korczyñski, M. Mastepanov, T. R. Christensen and David Bastviken
  Annual carbon gas budget for a subarctic peatland, northern Sweden
  Biogeosciences, 2010, 7, 95-108.

E D Schulze, P Ciais, S Luyssaert, M Schrumpf, I A Janssens, B Thiruchittampalam, J Theloke, M Saurat, S Bringezu, J Lelieveld, A Lohila, C Rebmann, M Jung, David Bastviken, G Abril, G Grassi, A Leip, A Freibauer, W Kutsch, A Don, J Nieschulze, A Boerner, J H Gash and A J Dolman
  The European carbon balance. Part 4: integration of carbon and other trace-gas fluxes
  GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY, 2010, 16(5), 1451-1469.
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Nguyen Thanh Duc, Patrick Crill and David Bastviken
  Implications of temperature and sediment characteristics on methane formation and oxidation in lake sediments
  Biogeochemistry, 2010, 100(1-3), 185-196.
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Wietse de Boer, Larissa B. Folman, Paulien J.A. Klein Gunnewiek, Teresia Svensson, David Bastviken, Gunilla Öberg, José C. del Rio and Lynne Boddy
  Mechanism of antibacterial activity of the white-rot fungus Hypholoma fasciculare colonizing wood
  Canadian journal of microbiology (Print), 2010, 56(5), 380-388.
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Eddie von Wachenfeldt, David Bastviken and Lars J. Tranvik
  Microbially induced flocculation of allochthonous dissolved organic carbon in lakes
  American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, 2009, 54(5), 1811-1818.
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P. Bengtson, David Bastviken, W. de Boer and Gunilla Öberg
  Possible role of reactive chlorine in microbial antagonism and organic matter chlorination in terrestrial environments
  Environmental Microbiology, 2009, 11(6), 1330-1339.
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David Bastviken, Teresia Svensson, Susanne Karlsson, Per Sandén and Gunilla Öberg
  Temperature sensitivity indicates enzyme controlled chlorination of soil organic matter
  Environmental Science and Technology, 2009, 43(10), 3569-3573.
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E. von Wachenfeldt, S. Sobek, D. Bastviken and L. J. Tranvik
  Linking allochthonous dissolved organic matter and boreal lake sediment carbon sequestration: The role of light-mediated flocculation
  Limnology and Oceanography, 2008, 53(6), 2416-2426.

K. Backstrand, P. M. Crill, M. Mastepanov, T. R. Christensen and D. Bastviken
  Total hydrocarbon flux dynamics at a subarctic mire in northern Sweden
  Journal of Geophysical Research, 2008, 113(G3), .

D. Bastviken, J. J. Cole, M. L. Pace and M. C. Van de Bogert
  Fates of methane from different lake habitats: Connecting whole-lake budgets and CH4 emissions
  Journal of Geophysical Research, 2008, 113(G2), .

K. Backstrand, P. M. Crill, M. Mastepanov, T. R. Christensen and D. Bastviken
  Non-methane volatile organic compound flux from a subarctic mire in Northern Sweden
  Tellus. Series B, Chemical and physical meteorology, 2008, 60(2), 226-237.

David Bastviken, Frida Thomsen, Teresia Svensson, Susanne Karlsson, Per Sandén, George Shaw, Miroslav Matucha and Gunilla Öberg
  Chloride retention in forest soil by microbial uptake and by natural chlorination of organic matter
  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 2007, 71(13), 3182-3192.
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M. Matucha, M. Gryndler, S. T. Forczek, P. Schroder, D. Bastviken, J. Rohlenova, H. Uhlikva and K. Fuksova
  A chlorine-36 and carbon-14 study of the role of chlorine in the forest ecosystem
  Journal of Labelled Compounds & Radiopharmaceuticals, 2007, 50(5-6), 437-439.

Carina Ståhlberg, David Bastviken, Bo H. Svensson and Lars Rahm
  Mineralisation of organic matter in coastal sediments at different frequency and duration of resuspension
  Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 2006, 70(1-2), 317-325.
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David Bastviken, C. Samuelsson and Carina Ståhlberg
  Similar organic matter mineralisation rates under oxic, methanogenic, and sulphate reducing conditions in late winter sediment of a Swedish river
  , 2006, , .

David Bastviken, Per Sandén, Teresia Svensson, Carina Ståhlberg, Malin Magounakis and Gunilla Öberg
  Chloride retention and release in a boreal forest soil: effects of soil water residence time and nitrogen and chloride loads
  Environmental Science and Technology, 2006, 40(9), 2977-2982.
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Linn Persson, David Bastviken, Tomas Alsberg, Lars Tranvik and Göran Odham
  Electrospray mass spectrometry to study lake water DOM and effects of microbial degradation
  International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 2005, 85(1), 15-27.
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Ingvar Sundh, David Bastviken and L. J. Tranvik
  Abundance, activity, and community structure of pelagic methane-oxidizing bacteria in temperate lakes
  Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2005, 71(11), 6746-6752.
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S. R. Carpenter, J. J. Cole, M. L. Pace, M. Van de Bogert, D. L. Bade, D. Bastviken, C. M. Gille, J. R. Hodgson, J. F. Kitchell and E. S. Kritzberg
  Ecosystem subsidies: Terrestrial support of aquatic food webs from C-13 addition to contrasting lakes
  Ecology, 2005, 86(10), 2737-2750.
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David Bastviken, J Cole, M Pace and L Tranvik
  Methane emissions from lakes: Dependence of lake characteristics, two regional assessments, and a global estimate
  Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2004, 18(4), .
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D. Bastviken, J. Cole, M. Pace and L. Tranvik
  Methane emissions from lakes: Dependence of lake characteristics, two regional assessments, and a global estimate
  Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2004, 18(4), .
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D. Bastviken, L. Persson, G. Odham and L. Tranvik
  Degradation of dissolved organic matter in oxic and anoxic lake water
  Limnology and Oceanography, 2004, 49(1), 109-116.
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M. L. Pace, J. J. Cole, S. R. Carpenter, J. F. Kitchell, J. R. Hodgson, M. C. Van de Bogert, D. L. Bade, E. S. Kritzberg and David Bastviken
  Whole-lake carbon-13 additions reveal terrestrial support of aquatic food webs
  Nature, 2004, 427(6971), 240-243.
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David Bastviken, M Olsson and L Tranvik
  Simultaneous measurements of organic carbon mineralization and bacterial production in oxic and anoxic lake sediments
  Microbial Ecology, 2003, 46(1), 73-82.
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David Bastviken, Jörgen Ejlertsson, Ingvar Sundh and Lars Tranvik
  Methane as a source of carbon and energy for lake pelagic food webs
  Ecology, 2003, 84(4), 969-981.
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D. Bastviken, J. Ejlertsson and L. Tranvik
  Measurement of methane oxidation in lakes: A comparison of methods
  Environmental Science and Technology, 2002, 36(15), 3354-3361.
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David Bastviken and Lars Tranvik
  The leucine incorporation method estimates bacterial growth equally well in both oxic and anoxic lake waters
  Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2001, 67(7), 2916-2921.
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David Bastviken, Jörgen Ejlertsson and Lars Tranvik
  Similar bacterial growth on dissolved organic matter in anoxic and oxic lake water
  Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 2001, 24(1), 41-49.
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D. T. E. Bastviken, N. F. Caraco and J. J. Cole
  Experimental measurements of zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) impacts on phytoplankton community composition
  Freshwater Biology, 1998, 39(2), 375-386.

Chapters in Books

Alex Enrich-Prast, David Bastviken and P.M. Crill
  Encyclopedia of Inland Waters, Elsevier, 2009, 211-225.

David Bastviken
  Encyclopedia of Inland Waters, Elsevier, 2009, 783-805.

Conference Articles

Madeleine Larsson, Xu-bin Truong, Jörgen Ejlertsson, David Bastviken, Annika Björn, Bo Svensson, Fredrik Nilsson and Anna Karlsson
  Anaerobic wastewater treatment and biogas production at TMP and CTMP mills in Sweden.
  International Mechanical Pulping Conference (IMPC), Helsingfors, Finland, 2-5 juni, 2014, 2014.

Madeleine Larsson, Xu-bin Truong, David Bastviken, Annika Björn, Jörgen Ejlertsson, Bo H. Svensson and Anna Karlsson
  Anaerobic digestion of alkaline bleaching wastewater from Kraft pulp and paper mill
  Proceedings of 13th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion, 2013.

Madeleine Larsson, Xu-bin Truong, David Bastviken, Annika Björn, Jörgen Ejlertsson, Bo Svensson and Anna Karlsson
  Anaerobic digestion of alkaline bleaching wastewater from a kraft pulp and paper mill
  World Conference in Anaerobic Digestion (AD13), in Santiago de Compostella, Spain, 25– 28 juni 2013., 2013.

Christoph Aeppli, Henry Holmstrand, David Bastviken, Mats Tysklind and Orjan Gustafsson
  Investigating formation and degradation of polychlorinated phenols in the environment using chlorine and carbon stable isotope fractionation in ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, vol 242, issue , pp

Annika Björn, Teresia Svensson, David Bastviken and Gunilla Öberg
  Problem-oriented laboratory work in environmental education: Experiences from a new master´s programme at Linköping Univerity, Sweden
  AuDes 5th Conference on Environmental Education, 1999.

Ph.D. Theses

David Bastviken
  Anoxic degradation of organic matter in lakes: implications for carbon cycling and aquatic food webs

Licentiate Theses

Carina Ståhlberg
  Mineralisation rates of natural organic matter in surface sediments affected by physical forces

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David Bastviken, Teresia Svensson, Per Sandén and Henrik Kylin
  Chlorine cycling and fates of 36Cl in terrestrial environments
  Technical Report, TR-13-26, 2013.

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