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Journal Articles

Patrik Nordeman, Leif B. G. Johansson, Marcus Bäck, Sergio Estrada, Håkan Hall, Daniel Sjölander, Gunilla T. Westermark, Per Westermark, Lars Nilsson, Per Hammarström, K. Peter R. Nilsson and Gunnar Antoni
  11C and 18FRadiolabeling of Tetra- and Pentathiophenes as PET-ligands for Amyloid Protein Aggregates
  ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 2016, 7(4), 368-373.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 3

Daniel Sjölander, Christoph Roecken, Per Westermark, Gunilla T. Westermark, Peter Nilsson and Per Hammarström
  Establishing the fluorescent amyloid ligand h-FTAA for studying human tissues with systemic and localized amyloid
  Amyloid: Journal of Protein Folding Disorders, 2016, 23(2), 98-108.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 10

Abeni Wickham, Daniel Sjölander, Gunnar Bergström, Ergang Wang, Vijayalakshmi Rajendran, Camilla Hildesjö, Karin Skoglund, Peter Nilsson and Daniel Aili
  Near-Infrared Emitting and Pro-Angiogenic Electrospun Conjugated Polymer Scaffold for Optical Biomaterial Tracking
  Advanced Functional Materials, 2015, 25(27), 4274-4281.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 9

Daniel Sjölander, Johan Bijzet, Bouke P. Hazenberg, Peter Nilsson and Per Hammarström
  Sensitive and rapid assessment of amyloid by oligothiophene fluorescence in subcutaneous fat tissue
  Amyloid: Journal of Protein Folding Disorders, 2015, 22(1), 19-25.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 8

Karin Magnusson, Rozalyn Simon, Daniel Sjölander, Christina J. Sigurdson, Per Hammarström and Peter R Nilsson
  Multimodal fluorescene microscopy of prion strain specific PrP deposits stained by thiophene-bassed amyloid ligands
  Prion, 2014, 8(4), 319-329.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 21

Satish Babu Moparthi, Daniel Sjölander, Laila Villebeck, Bengt-Harald Jonsson, Per Hammarström and Uno Carlsson
  Transient conformational remodeling of folding proteins by GroES - Individually and in concert with GroEL
  Journal of chemical biology, 2014, 7(1), 1-15.
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Katriann Arja, Daniel Sjölander, Alma Åslund, Stefan Prokop, Frank L. Heppner, Peter Konradsson, Mikael Lindgren, Per Hammarström, Andreas Åslund and Peter Nilsson
  Enhanced Fluorescent Assignment of Protein Aggregates by an Oligothiophene-Porphyrin-Based Amyloid Ligand
  Macromolecular rapid communications, 2013, 34(9), 723-730.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 11

Rajesh Mishra, Daniel Sjölander and Per Hammarström
  Spectroscopic characterization of diverse amyloid fibrils in vitro by the fluorescent dye Nile red
  MOLECULAR BIOSYSTEMS, 2011, 7(4), 1232-1240.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 50

Conference Articles

Daniel Sjölander, Jeffrey Mason, G. T. Westermark, P. Westermark, Per Hammarström and Peter Nilsson
  Luminescent conjugated oligothiophenes: A novel dye for amyloid diagnostics
  XIIIth International Symposium on Amyloidosis: From Misfolded Proteins to Well-Designed Treatment: The Proceedings of the XIIIth International Symposium on Amyloidosis,May 6-10, 2012, Groningen, The Netherlands, 2013.

Ph.D. Theses

Daniel Sjölander
  Luminescent molecular recognition of pathognomonic and aging associated protein aggregates

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