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Publications for Claes Nilholm

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Journal Articles

Kristina Karlsson and Claes Nilholm
  Democracy and dilemmas of self-determination
  Disability & Society, 2006, 21(2), 193-207.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 5

Lars-Christer Hydén, Claes Nilholm and Kristina Karlsson
  När olikhet blir problem: handikappforskning, kontext och social interaktion
  Socialvetenskaplig tidskrift, 2003, 10, 319-333.

Claes Nilholm
  Children with Down Syndrome: Implications of a contextual approach
  European Journal of Psychology of Education, 2000, 15(3), 347-359.

Claes Nilholm
  Contextual influence on the language production of children with speech/language impairment
  International journal of language and communication disorders, 2000, 35, 31-47.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 15

Christina Reuterskiöld Wagner, Ulrika Nettelbladt, Birgitta Sahlén and Claes Nilholm
  Conversation versus narration in pre-school children with language impairment
  International journal of language and communication disorders, 2000, 35(1), 83-93.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 32

Viveka Adelsvärd and Claes Nilholm
  "... so one can plant a little seed" : an analysis of a teacher's way of solving a communicative problem in talks with parents
  Nordisk Pedagogik, 2000, 20(4), 191-205.

Viveka Adelsvärd and Claes Nilholm
  Who is Cindy? Aspects of identity work in a teacher-parent-pupil talk at a special school
  Text - an interdisciplinary journal for the study of discourse, 2000, 20(4), 545-568.

Claes Nilholm
  Ärlighet varar längst?
  Social forskning : inblick i SFR:s verksamhetsomrede / Socialvetenskapliga forskningsredet - SFR, 2000, 2(15), .

Claes Nilholm
  The zone of proximal development - a comparsion of children with Down syndrome and typical children
  Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability, 1999, , 265-279.

Viveka Adelswärd and Claes Nilholm
  Discourse about Children with Mental Disablement: An Analysis of Teacher-Parent Conferences in Special Education Schools
  Language and education : an international journal, 1998, 12(2), 81-98.

Karin Aronsson and Claes Nilholm
  On memory and the collaborative construction and deconstruction of custody case arguments.
  Human Communication Research, 1990, 17, 287-314.


Claes Nilholm and Elisabet Cedersund
  Samtal i äldreomsorgen : samspelet mellan omsorgspersonal och äldre med Alzheimers sjukdom
    Studentlitteratur, 2000.

Chapters in Books

Claes Nilholm
  Creative Crossroads - Electronic Honorary Publication Dedicated to Yvonne Wærn on Her Retirement, Tema Kommunikation, Linköpings universitet, 2000, 89-104.

Karin Aronsson and Claes Nilholm
  Storytelling as collaborative reasoning. Co-narratives in incest case accounts.
  Explaining one's self to others. Reason-giving in a social context, Erlbaum Associates, 1992, 245-260.

Ph.D. Theses

Kristina Karlsson
  Funktionshinder, samtal och självbestämmande: En studie av brukarcentrerade möten

  Fulltext PDF

Claes Nilholm  Communicative challenges: A comparative study of mother-child interaction


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