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Journal Articles

Christian Asker, U. Kargén, L. Dubrovinsky and Igor Abrikosov
  Equation of state and elastic properties of face-centered cubic FeMg alloy at ultrahigh pressures from first-principles
  Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2010, 293(1-2), 130-134.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 5

Christian Asker, L. Vitos and Igor A Abrikosov
  Elastic constants and anisotropy in FeNi alloys at high pressures from first-principles calculations
  Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2009, 79(21), 214112.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 25

Christian Asker Göransson, A. B. Belonoshko, Arkady S. Mikhaylushkin and Igor A. Abrikosov
  First-principles solution to the problem of Mo lattice stability
  Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2008, 77(220102(R)), .
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 43

Denis Music, Tetsuya Takahashi, Levente Vitos, Christian Asker Göransson, Igor A. Abrikosov and Jochen M. Schneider
  Elastic properties of Fe–Mn random alloys studied by ab initio calculations
  Applied Physics Letters, 2007, 91(19), 191904.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 53

Weine Olovsson, Christian Asker, Tobias Marten and Igor Abrikosov
  Core-level shifts in complex metallic systems from first principle
  Physica status solidi. B, Basic research, 2006, 243(11), 2447-2464.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 27

W. Olovsson, Christian Göransson Asker, L. V. Pourovskii, B. Johansson and Igor A. Abrikosov
  Core-level shifts in fcc random alloys: A first-principles approach
  Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2005, 72(6), 064203.
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 31

Christian Göransson Asker, Weine Olovsson and Igor A. Abrikosov
  Numerical investigation of the validity of the Slater-Janak transition-state model in metallic systems
  Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 2005, 72(13), .
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 23

Conference Articles

Igor Abrikosov, Arkady Mikhaylushkin, Christian Asker and Sergey Simak
  Ab initio modeling of alloying effects at extreme conditions
  Second EuroMinScI Conference,2008, 2008.

Igor Abrikosov, Björn Alling, Christian Asker and A.V. Ruban
  Phase Stabilities of Alloys From First-Principles
  XVII International Materials Research Congress,2008, 2008.

Ph.D. Theses

Christian Asker
  Effects of disorder in metallic systems from First-Principles calculations

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Licentiate Theses

Christian Asker
  Spectroscopic and elastic properties in metallic systems from first-principles methods


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