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Christina Engstrand, Joanna Kvist and Barbro Krevers
  Patients'€™ perspective on surgical intervention for Dupuytren'€™s disease€: experiences, expectations and appraisal of results
  Disability and Rehabilitation, 2016, , 1-12.

Christina Engstrand, Barbro Krevers and Joanna Kvist
  Factors affecting functional recovery after surgery and hand therapy in patients with Dupuytren's disease
  Journal of Hand Therapy, 2015, 28(3), 255-260.
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Christina Engstrand, Barbro Krevers, Göran Nylander and Joanna Kvist
  Hand function and quality of life before and after fasciectomy for Dupuytren contracture
  Journal of Hand Surgery-American Volume, 2014, 39(7), 1333-1343.
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Christina Engstrand, Barbro Krevers and Joanna Kvist
  Interrater Reliability in Finger Joint Goniometer Measurement in Dupuytrens Disease
  Journal of occupational therapy, 2012, 66(1), 98-103.
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Ph.D. Theses

Christina Engstrand
  Hand function in patients with Dupuytren’s disease: Assessment, results & patients’ perspectives

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