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Journal Articles

Donatella Puglisi, Jens Eriksson, Christian Bur, Andreas Schuetze, Anita Lloyd Spetz and Mike Andersson
  Silicon carbide field effect transistors for detection of ultra-low concentrations of hazardous volatile organic compounds
  Materials Science Forum, 2014, 778-780, 1067-1070.

Christian Bur, Manuel Bastuck, Anita Lloyd Spetz, Mike Andersson and Andreas Schuetze
  Selectivity enhancement of SiC-FET gas sensors by combining temperature and gate bias cycled operation using multivariate statistics
  Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical, 2014, 193, 931-940.
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Zhafira Darmastuti, Christian Bur, Peter Möller, R. Rahlin, Niclas Lindqvist, Mike Andersson, A. Schuetze and Anita Lloyd Spetz
  SiC-FET based SO2 sensor for power plant emission applications
  Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical, 2014, 194, 511-520.
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Christian Bur, Peter Reimann, Mike Andersson, Anita Lloyd Spetz and Andreas Schuetze
  New method for selectivity enhancement of SiC field effect gas sensors for quantification of NO (x)
  Microsystem Technologies: Micro- and Nanosystems Information Storage and Processing Systems, 2012, 18(7-8), 1015-1025.
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Conference Articles

Emanuel Bastuk, Christian Bur, Anita Lloyd Spetz, Mike Andersson and Andreas Schütze
  Identification of ammonia and carbon monoxide based on the hysteresis of a gas sensitive silicon carbide field effect transistor
  Transducers 2013 & Eurosensors XXVII, 2013.

Christian Bur, Mike Andersson, Anita Lloyd Spetz, Nikolai Helwig and Andreas Schütze
  Detecting Volatile Organic Compounds in the ppb range with platinum-gate SiC-Field Effect Transistors
  SENSORS, 2013 IEEE, 2013.