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Publications for Charlotte Stoltz

Conference Articles

Charlotte Stoltz
  Can and Will Call Centre Activities be Relocated to Peripheral Areas and Less Developed Countries? Indications from a Study of Call Centre Locations in Three Swedish Regions
  The 9th ITF Workshop and Business Conference in Telework: Integrating physical, mental and virtual work spaces,2004, 2004.

Anna Moberg, Birger Rapp, Charlotte Stoltz and Reima Suomi
  On Locations of Call Centres - An Illustration from Two Rural Regions in Sweden and Finland.
  IE32004 - Fourth IFIP Conference on e-Commerce, e-Business, and e-Government.,2004, 2004.

Charlotte Stoltz and Anna Moberg
  The importance of proximity for geographically dispersed organisations: indications from a call centre cluster in Sweden
  Proceedings of the 17th Nordic Conference on Buysiness Studies, 2003.

Charlotte Stoltz and Anna Moberg
  Call centre, a concept full of nuance: on definition of call centres
  Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop and Business Conference on Telework: New Work 2002, 2002.

Carl-Johan Petri, Anna Moberg, Birger Rapp and Charlotte Stoltz
  Managing geographically dispersed data acquisition
  Proceedings of the 8th International Assembly on New Ways to Work, 2001.

Licentiate Theses

Charlotte Stoltz
  Calling for call centres: a study of call centre locations in a Swedish rural region


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