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Journal Articles

T. Rune Nielsen, Eleonor Antelius, Ragnhild Storstein Spilker, Rozita Torkpoor, Hakan Toresson, Camilla Lindholm and Charlotta Plejert
  Letter: Dementia care for people from ethnic minorities: a Nordic perspective in INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GERIATRIC PSYCHIATRY, vol 30, issue 2, pp 217-218
  International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 2015, 30(2), 217-218.

Christina Samuelsson and Charlotta Plejert
  On the use of Conversation Analysis and retrospection in intervention for children with language impairment
  Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 2015, 31(1), 19-36.

Charlotta Plejert, Gunilla Jansson and Maziar Yazdan Panah
  Response Practices in Multilingual Interaction with an Older Persian Woman in a Swedish Residential Home
  Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology, 2014, 29(1), .

Gunilla Jansson and Charlotta Plejert
  Taking a shower. Managing a potentially imposing activity in dementia care
  Journal of Interactional Research in Communication Disorders/Equinox, 2014, 5(1), 27-62.

Lars-Christer Hydén, Charlotta Plejert, Christina Samuelsson and Linda Örulv
  Feedback and common ground in conversational storytelling involvning people with Alzheimer's disease
  Journal of Interactional Research in Communication Disorders/Equinox, 2012, 4(2), 211-247.

Camilla Warnicke and Charlotta Plejert
  Turn-organisation in mediated phone interaction using Video Relay Service (VRS)
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  Journal of Pragmatics, 2012, 44(10), 1313-1334.
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Charlotta Plejert, Christina Samuelsson and Jan Anward
  Att få sista ordet: Om avslutande sekvenser i samtal med personer med kommunikativa funktionshinder
  Språk och interaktion, 2010, 19(2), 249-263.

Annette (Anett) Sundqvist, Charlotta Plejert and Jerker Rönnberg
  The Role of Active Participation in Interaction for Children Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication
  Communication & Medicine: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Healthcare, Ethics and Society, 2010, 7(2), 165-175.


Niklas Norén, Christina Samuelsson and Charlotta Plejert
  Aided Communication in Everyday Interaction
  J & R Press, 2013.

Chapters in Books

Charlotta Plejert and Anett Sundqvist
  A dialogical approach to Theory of Mind in aided and non-aided child interaction
  Aided Communication in Everyday Interaction, J & R Press, 2013, 153-187.

Charlotta Plejert and Christina Samuelsson
  Language development in normal children and in disease: An interactional approach to typical language development and children with language impairment
  Handbook of growth and growth monitoring in health and disease, Springer, 2012, 1363-1378.

Christina Samuelsson, Charlotta Plejert, Ulrika Nettelbladt and Jan Anward
  The Role of Interactional Prosody in Language testing Activities in Swedish.
  Speech Prosody in Atypical Populations: Assessment and Remediation, J&R Press, 2011, .

Conference Articles

Charlotta Plejert, Karin Aijmer red and Britta Olinder red
  Repair, learning and foreign language talk-in-interaction: A conversation analytic approach
  8th Nordic conference on English studies,2001, 2003.

Ph.D. Theses

Ali Reza Majlesi
  Learnables in Action: The Embodied Achievement of Opportunities for Teaching and Learning in Swedish as a Second Language Classrooms

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Annette (Anett) Sundqvist
  Knowing me, knowing you: Mentalization abilities of children who use augmentative and alternative communication

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Charlotta Plejert
  To Fix What’s Not Broken: Repair Strategies in Non-Native and Native English Conversation

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