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Journal Articles

Katarina Kindberg, Charlotte Oom, Neil B. Ingels and Matts Karlsson
  Strain based estimation of time dependent transmural myocardial architecture in the ovine heart
  Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology, 2010, 10(4), 521-528.
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Conference Articles

Charlotte Oom, Katarina Kindberg and NB Ingels
  Temporal changes in sheet architecture during systole
  Cardiovascular System Dynamics Society,2006, 2006.

Katarina Kindberg, Charlotte Oom, A Cheng, F Langer, F Rodriquez, GT Daughters, DC Miller, Matts Karlsson and NB Ingels
  Early postoperative blunting of rapid diastolic subepicardial fiber lengthening and left ventricular circumferential expansion
  American Heart Assiciations Scientific Sessions,2006, 2006.

Charlotte Oom, Katarina Kindberg, NB Ingels and Matts Karlsson
  Temporal changes in sheet architecture during systole
  The 19th Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics,2006, 2006.


Charlotte Oom, Katarina Kindberg and Matts Karlsson
  Cardiac Kinematics - Mapping of variations in laminar fiber and sheet architecture during the cardiac cycle
  LiU-IMT-R, 46, 2006.

Katarina Kindberg, Charlotte Oom and Matts Karlsson
  Cardiac Kinematics - The coupling between local strain and global left ventricular volume
  LiU-IMT-R, 45, 2006.


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