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Journal Articles

Agneta Kullberg, Cecilia Nordqvist, Kent Lindqvist and Toomas Timpka
  Examining quality function deployment in safety promotion in Sweden.
  Health Promotion International, 2014, 29(3), 414-426.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 2

Toomas Timpka, Cecilia Nordqvist, Karin Festin and Kent Lindqvist
  Quality indicators for implementation of safety promotion: Towards valid and reliable global certification of local programmes
  Global Public Health, 2012, 7(6), 588-602.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 2

Agneta Kullberg, Cecilia Nordqvist, Toomas Timpka and Kent Lindqvist
  Residents’ perspectives on safety support needs in different types of housing areas
  Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 2011, 39(6), 590-597.

Lena Lindhe Söderlund, Cecilia Nordqvist, Marianne Angbratt and Per Nilsen
  Applying motivational interviewing to counselling overweight and obese children
  Health Education Research, 2009, 24(3), 442-449.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 18

Cecilia Nordqvist, Lena Hanberger, Toomas Timpka and Sam Nordfeldt
  Health professionals' attitudes towards using a Web 2.0 portal for child and adolescent diabetes care: qualitative study.
  Journal of medical Internet research, 2009, 11(2), e12.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 40

Toomas Timpka, Cecilia Nordqvist and Kent Lindqvist
  Infrastructural requirements for local implementation of safety policies: the discordance between top-down and bottom-up systems of action
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 5

Cecilia Nordqvist, Toomas Timpka and Kent Lindqvist
  What promotes sustainability in Safe Community programmes?
  BMC Health Services Research, 2009, 9(4), .
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 Web of Science® Times Cited: 8

Cecilia Nordqvist, Marika Holmqvist, Per Nilsen and Preben Bendtsen
  Intention to change heavy episodic drinking and actual change seen among emergency care patients
  Journal of Drug Addiction, Education and Eradication, 2008, 3(3), 263-276.

Per Nilsen, Marika Holmqvist, Cecilia Nordqvist and Preben Bendtsen
  Frequency of heavy episodic drinking among nonfatal injury patients attending an emergency room.
  Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2007, 39, 757-766.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 12

Per Nilsen, Marika Holmqvist, Cecilia Nordqvist and Preben Bendtsen
  Linking drinking to injury--causal attribution of injury to alcohol intake among patients in a Swedish emergency room.
  International journal of injury control and safety promotion, 2007, 14(2), 93-102.

Cecilia Nordqvist, Kjell Johansson, Kent Lindqvist and Preben Bendtsen
  Attitude changes among emergency department triage staff after conducting routine alcohol screening
  Addictive Behaviors, 2006, 31(2), 191-202.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 18

Cecilia Nordqvist, Marika Holmqvist, Per Nilsen, Preben Bendtsen and Kent Lindqvist
  Usual drinking pattern and non‐fatal injury among patients seeking medical care
  Public Health, 2006, 120(11), 1064-1073.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 11

Cecilia Nordqvist, Kjell Johansson, Kent Lindqvist and Preben Bendtsen
  Alcohol prevention measures at an emergency department: physicians` perspectives. Short communication
  Public Health, 2005, 119(9), 789-791.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 1

Cecilia Nordqvist, Elisabeth Wilhelm, Kent Lindqvist and Preben Bendtsen
  Can screening and simple written advice reduce excessive alcohol consumption among emergency care patients?
  Alcohol & Alcoholism, 2005, 40(5), 401-408.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 17

Anna Karlsson, Kjell Johansson, Cecilia Nordqvist and Preben Bendtsen
  Feasibility of a computorized alcohol screening and personalized written advice in the ED: opportunities and obstacles
  Accident and Emergency Nursing, 2005, 13, 44-53.

Cecilia Nordqvist, Kjell Johansson and Preben Bendtsen
  Routine screening for risky alcohol consumption at an emergency department using the AUDIT-C questionnaire
  Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 2004, 74(1), 71-75.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 24

NP Barnett, PM Monti, C Cherpitel, Preben Bendtsen, G Borges, SM Colby, Cecilia Nordqvist and Kjell Johansson
  Identification and brief treatment of alcohol problems with medical patients: An international perspective
  Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 2003, 27(2), 262-270.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 16

Tommy Svensson, A Karlsson, Kristina Alexanderson and Cecilia Nordqvist
  Shame-inducing encounters. Negative emotional aspects of sickness-absentees' interactions with rehabilitation professionals
  Journal of occupational rehabilitation, 2003, 13(3), 183-195.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 35

Cecilia Nordqvist, Christina Holmqvist and Kristina Alexanderson
  Views of laypersons on the role employers play in return to work when sick-listed
  Journal of occupational rehabilitation, 2003, 13(1), 11-20.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 42

Cecilia Nordqvist, Kristina Alexanderson and C Holmqvist
  Arbetsgivarens betydelse vid sjukskrivning - om att återgå i arbete.
  Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift, 2000, 5, 429-437.

Cecilia Nordqvist, Elisabet Cedersund, C Holmqvist and Kristina Alexanderson
  Att komma igen. Om att återgå i arbete efter sjukskrivning för rygg-, nack- eller skulderbesvär, en pilotstudie med fokusgrupper.
  Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift, 2000, 4, 347-356.

Cecilia Nordqvist, Josefin Barajas and K Keberg
  Rehabilitering inom Samhall - att finna ett annat arbete.
  Socialmedicinsk Tidskrift, 2000, 77, 438-444.

Chapters in Books

Bengt Richt and Cecilia Nordqvist
  Ett krympande liv
  Sjukdomsvärldar.: Människors erfarenheter av kroppslig ohälsa, Studentlitteratur, 2005, 231-256.

Conference Articles

Cecilia Nordqvist, Kent Lindqvist, Elisabeth Wilhelm and Preben Bendtsen
  Olycksfall och alkoholvanor
  Svenska läkarsällskapets riksstämma,2004, 2004.

Preben Bendtsen, Kjell Johansson and Cecilia Nordqvist
  How to implement screening for high alcohol consumption in the daily routine in an emergency department
  2002 Scieentific Meeting of the RSA and the 11th Congress of the ISBRA, San Fransisco 2002,2002, 2002.

Josefin Barajas, Cecilia Nordqvist and Kerstin Ekberg
  Intervention Elucidate Intra Organisational Hindrance to Employee Development
  Humans in a Complex Environment,2002, 2002.

Cecilia Nordqvist, Preben Bendtsen, Kjell Johansson and Kent Lindqvist
  Sekundärprevention av alkoholproblem på Motala lasaretts akutmottagning
  Riksstämman 2002,2002, 2002.

Ph.D. Theses

Cecilila Nordqvist
  Alcohol screening and simple advice in emergency care: staffs’ attitudes and injured patients’ drinking pattern

  Fulltext PDF


John Boman, Sara Lindfors, Cecilia Nordqvist, Louise Nordström and Kristina Alexanderson
  Konstruktiva strategier för att hantera stress bland disputerade specialistläkare vid ett universitetssjukhus

John Boman, Bengt Richt and Cecilia Nordqvist
  Ett bättre liv: Ett bidrag till utvärderingen av dagverksamheten vid Cedersborgs Resurscentrum i Norrköping
  Mimer Norrköpings kommun, 1997:45, 1997.

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