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Journal Articles

Marcus Posada, Henrik Andersson and Carl Henrik Häll
  The integrated dial-a-ride problem with timetabled fixed route service
  Public Transport, 2017, 9(1-2), 217-241.
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Carl Henrik Häll, Jan T. Lundgren and Stefan Voß
  Evaluating the performance of a dial-a-ride service using simulation
  Public Transport, 2015, 7(2), 139-157.
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Carl Henrik Häll and Anders Peterson
  Improving paratransit scheduling using ruin and recreate methods
  Transportation planning and technology (Print), 2013, 36(4), 377-393.
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Carl Henrik Häll, Magdalena Högberg and Jan T. Lundgren
  A modeling system for simulation of dial-a-ride services
  Public Transport, 2012, 4(1), 17-37.
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Carl Henrik Häll, Henrik Andersson, Jan T. Lundgren and Peter Värbrand
  The Integrated Dial-a-Ride Problem
  Public Transport, 2009, 1(1), 39-54.
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Carl Henrik Häll, Jan T. Lundgren and Peter Värbrand
  Evaluation of an integrated public transport system: a simulation approach
  Archives of Transport, 2008, 20(1-2), 29-46.
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Conference Articles

Carl Henrik Häll, Avishai (Avi) Ceder, Joakim Ekström and Nils-Hassan Quttineh
  Adjustments of Public Transit Operations Planning Process for the Use of Electric Buses
  TRB Annual Meeting Online, 2017, 2017.

Nils-Hassan Quttineh, Carl Henrik Häll, Joakim Ekström and Avi Ceder
  Combined Timetabling and Vehicle Scheduling for Electric Buses
  Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference of Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies (HKSTS), December 9-11, 2017, Hong Kong, China, 2017.

Scott Fowler, Carl Henrik Häll, Di Yuan, George Baravdish and Abdelhamid Mellouk
  Analysis of vehicular wireless channel communication via queueing theory model
  Communications (ICC) 2014 IEEE International Conference on Communications, 2014.

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Carl Henrik Häll, Jan T. Lundgren and Stefan Voss
  Evaluating the performance of a dial-a-ride service using simulation
  CASPT 12: Conference on Advanced Systems for Public Transport, 23-27 July 2012, Santiago, Chile, 2012.

Carl Henrik Häll, Jan T. Lundgren and Anders Peterson
  Improving the efficiency of swedish paratransit: an application of the dial-a-ride problem
  23rd European conference on operational research, Bonn, July 5-8, 2009, 2009.

Carl Henrik Häll and Magdalena Högberg
  Effects of distance estimation methods in dial-a-ride planning
  Proceedings of the 13thInternational Conference of Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies,Transportation and Management Science, 2008.

Tobias Andersson and Carl Henrik Häll
  Användning av GIS i kombination med operationsanalys för effektivare transporter
  GeoInfo 2006,2006, 2006.

Carl Henrik Häll, Jan Lundgren and Peter Värbrand
  Simulation and evaluation of integrated public transport
  Advanced OR and AI Methods in Transportation, Proceedings of the 10th Jubilee Meeting of the EURO Working Group on Transportation,2005, 2005.

Ph.D. Theses

Carl Henrik Häll
  Modeling and Simulation of Dial-a-Ride and Integrated Public Transport Services

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Licentiate Theses

Marcus Posada
  Models and algorithms for integrated special transport services

Carl Henrik Häll
  A Framework for Evaluation and Design of an Integrated Public Transport System

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Johan Olstam, Carl-Henrik Häll, Göran Smith, Azra Habibovic and Anna Anund
  Dynamic bus lanes in Sweden – a pre-study: PROVDYK – Final report
  K2 Research, 2015:5, 2015.

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