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Publications for Carolina Ersson

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Journal Articles

Carolina Ersson, Jonas Ammenberg and Mats Eklund
  Connectedness and its dynamics in the Swedish biofuels for transport industry
  Progress in Industrial Ecology, An International Journal, 2015, 9(3), 269-295.
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Carolina Ersson, Jonas Ammenberg and Mats Eklund
  Biofuels for transportation in 2030: feedstock and production plants in a Swedish county
  Biofuels, 2013, 4(4), 379-395.
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Conference Articles

Björn Berglund, Carolina Ersson, Michael Martin and Mats Eklund
  Challenges for developing a system for biogas as vehicle fuel: lessons from Linkoping, Sweden
  World Renewable Energy Congress - Sweden, 8-13 May, Linköping, Sweden, 2011.

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Licentiate Theses

Carolina Ersson
  Conditions for resource-efficient production of biofuels for transport in Sweden

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Carolina Ersson, Mats Eklund and Jonas Ammenberg
  Vision för biodrivmedel i Östergötland: Tillgång på regionala råvaror och principer för en resurseffektiv produktion år 2030
  LIU-IEI-R, 2012:2, 2012.


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