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Erika Gunnar, Caroline Bivik Stadler, Annika Starkenberg and Stefan Thor
  sequoia controls the type I>0 daughter proliferation switch in the developing Drosophila nervous system
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  Development, 2016, 143(20), 3774-3784.

Caroline Bivik, Ryan Macdonald, Erika Gunnar, Khalil Mazouni, Francois Schweisguth and Stefan Thor
  Control of Neural Daughter Cell Proliferation by Multi-level Notch/Su(H)/E(spl)-HLH Signaling
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  PLoS Genetics, 2016, 12(4), .
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Caroline Bivik, Shahrzad Bahrampour, Carina Ulvklo, Patrik Nilsson, Anna Angel, Fredrik Fransson, Erika Lundin, Jakob Renhorn and Stefan Thor
  Novel Genes Involved in Controlling Specification of Drosophila FMRFamide Neuropeptide Cells
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  Genetics, 2015, 200(4), 1229-1244.
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Magnus Baumgardt, Daniel Karlsson, Behzad Yaghmaeian Salmani, Caroline Bivik, Ryan MacDonald, Erika Gunnar and Stefan Thor
  Global Programmed Switch in Neural Daughter Cell Proliferation Mode Triggered by a Temporal Gene Cascade
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  Developmental Cell, 2014, 30(2), 192-208.
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Carina Ulvklo, Ryan MacDonald, Caroline Bivik, Magnus Baumgardt, Daniel Karlsson and Stefan Thor
  Control of neuronal cell fate and number by integration of distinct daughter cell proliferation modes with temporal progression
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  Development, 2012, 139(4), 678-689.
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Caroline Bivik, Carina Ulvklo, Erika Lundin, Patrik Nilsson, Anna Angel and Stefan Thor
  A genetic screen for genes controlling Apterous neuron identity and FMRFamide expression
  Journal of neurogenetics, 2010, 24(Suppl. 1), 70-71.

Conference Articles

Ryan MacDonald, Carina Ulvklo, Caroline Bivik, Magnus Baumgardt, Daniel Karlsson and Stefan Thor
  Notch Mediates a Genetic Switch in Neural Lineage Topology in DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY, vol 356, issue 1, pp 227-227

Ph.D. Theses

Caroline Bivik Stadler
  Genetic pathways controlling CNS development: The role of Notch signaling in regulating daughter cell proliferation in Drosophila

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