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Abeni Wickham, Daniel Sjölander, Gunnar Bergström, Ergang Wang, Vijayalakshmi Rajendran, Camilla Hildesjö, Karin Skoglund, Peter Nilsson and Daniel Aili
  Near-Infrared Emitting and Pro-Angiogenic Electrospun Conjugated Polymer Scaffold for Optical Biomaterial Tracking
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  Advanced Functional Materials, 2015, 25(27), 4274-4281.

Camilla Fredriksson, My Hedhammar, Ricardo Feinstein, Kerstin Nordling, Gunnar Kratz, Jan Johansson, Fredrik Huss and Anna Rising
  Tissue Response to Subcutaneously Implanted Recombinant Spider Silk: An in Vivo Study
  Materials, 2009, 2(4), 1908-1922.
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Camilla Fredriksson, Michail Ilias and Chris Anderson
  New mechanical device for effective removal of skin tags in routine health care
  Dermatology Online Journal, 2009, 15(2), 9.

Camilla Fredriksson, Gunnar Kratz and Fredrik Huss
  Accumulation of Silver and Delayed Re-epithelialization in Normal Human Skin: An ex-vivo Study of Different Silver Dressings
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Camilla Fredriksson, Gunnar Kratz and Fredrik Huss
  Accumulation of silver and delayed wound healing inhuman skin: an ex vivo study of different silverdressings
  Wounds (King of Prussia, Pa.), 2009, , .

Pär Danielsson, Camilla Fredriksson and Fredrik Huss
  A Novel Concept for Treating Large Necrotizing Fasciitis Wounds With Bilayer Dermal Matrix, Split-thickness Skin Grafts, and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
  Wounds (King of Prussia, Pa.), 2009, 21(8), 215-220.

Camilla Fredriksson, Gunnar Kratz and Fredrik Huss
  Transplantation of cultured human keratinocytes in single cell suspension: a comparative in vitro study of different application techniques
  Burns, 2008, 34(2), 212-219.
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Licentiate Theses

Camilla Fredriksson
  Keratinocytes in tissue engineering of human skin: invitro and in vivo studies

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