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Johnny Ludvigsson, Britt-Marie Holmqvist and Ulf Samuelsson
  Does modern high standard life style cause type 1 diabetes in children?
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  Diabetes/Metabolism Research Reviews, 2013, 29(2), 161-165.

Marie Meeths, Samuel C. C. Chiang, Stephanie M. Wood, Miriam Entesarian, Heinrich Schlums, Benedicte Bang, Edvard Nordenskjold, Caroline Bjorklund, Gordana Jakovljevic, Janez Jazbec, Henrik Hasle, Britt-Marie Holmqvist, Ljubica Rajic, Susan Pfeifer, Steen Rosthoj, Magnus Sabel, Toivo T. Salmi, Tore Stokland, Jacek Winiarski, Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren, Bengt Fadeel, Magnus Nordenskjold, Jan-Inge Henter and Yenan T. Bryceson
  Familial hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis type 3 (FHL3) caused by deep intronic mutation and inversion in UNC13D
  Blood, 2011, 118(22), 5783-5793.
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Britt-Marie Holmqvist, Owe Löfman and Ulf Samuelsson
  A low incidence of Type 1 diabetes between 1977 and 2001 in south-eastern Sweden in areas with high population density and which are more deprived
  Diabetic Medicine, 2008, 25(3), 255-260.
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