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Journal Articles

Johan Ölvander, Björn Lundén and Hampus Gavel
  A computerized optimization framework for the morphological matrix applied to aircraft conceptual design
  Computer-Aided Design, 2009, 41(3), 187-196.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 23

Björn Johansson, Christopher Jouannet and Petter Krus
  Distributed aircraft analysis using web service technology
  SAE Transactions Journal of Aerospace, 2003, 112(1), 445-453.

Conference Articles

Mehdi Tarkian, Björn Lundén and Johan Ölvander
  Integration of Parametric CAD and Dynamic Models for Industrial Robot Design and Optimization
  Volume 3: 28th Computers and Information in Engineering Conference: Parts A and B, 2009.

Björn Lundén Johansson, Marcus Pettersson and Johan Ölvander (Andersson)
  A Component Based Optimization Approach for Robot Modular Design
  Proceedings of DETC'2007 ASME Design Automation Conference, September, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 2007.

Hampus Gavel, Johan Ölvander Andersson, Björn Johansson Lundén and Petter Krus
  Aircraft fuel system synthesis aided by interactive morphology and optimization
  45th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, Reno, USA, 2007.

Kristian Amadori, Björn Lundén and Petter Krus
  Using CAD-Tools and Aerodynamic Codes in a Distributed Conceptual Design Framework
  Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit,2007, 2007.

Hampus Gavel, Johan Andersson (Ölvander) and Björn Johansson (Lundén)
  An Algorithmic Morphology Matrix for Aircraft Fuel System Design
  25th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences, Hamburg, Germany, 2006.

Peter Hallberg, Petter Krus and Björn Johansson
  Redsigning Mature Products for Substainability
  NordDesign 2006, Reykjavik, Iceland, August 16-18, 2006.

Björn Johansson
  Computational Methods Applied to Modelica Simulation Models in a Web Based Framework
  ASME 2005 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences,2005, 2005.

Björn Johansson and Petter Krus
  Probabilistic Analysis and Design Optimization of Modelica Models
  4th International Modelica Conference,2005, 2005.

Hampus Gavel, Petter Krus, Johan Andersson (Ölvander) and Björn Johansson (Lundén)
  Probabilistic design in the conceptual phase of an aircraft fuel system
  7th AIAA Non-Deterministic Design Forum, Austin, USA, 2005.

Magnus Sethson, Jonas Larsson, Björn Johansson and Petter Krus
  A modelling and simulation functional library for self-contained simulators
  Scandinavian International Conference of Fluid Power, SICFP'03,2003, 2004.

Björn Johansson and Petter Krus
  A newservice approach for model integration in computational design
  Computers and Information in Engineering Conference,2003, 2004.

Petter Krus, Björn Johansson and Lars Austrin
  Concept Optimization of Aircraft Systems Using Scaling Models
  Recent Advances in Aerospace Actuation Systems and Components,2004, 2004.

Björn Johansson, Christopher Jouannet and Petter Krus
  Distributed aircraft analysis using web service technology
  The World Aviation Congress,2003, 2004.

Björn Johansson, D. A. DeLaurentis and D. N. Mavris
  Managing design data for probabilistic evaluation of aircraft concepts
  International Conference of Engineering Design,2003, 2004.

Björn Johansson, L Austrin, G Engdahl and Petter Krus
  Tools and methodology for collaborative Systems design applied on more electric aircraft
  International council of the aeronautical sciences, ICAS2004,2004, 2004.

Björn Johansson, Petter Krus and Jan-Ove Palmberg
  Distrubuted Modelling: Object Oriented Implementation with Modelica and Transmission Lines
  Bath Workshop on Power Transmission and Motion Control, PTMC 2000,2000, 2000.

Björn Johansson and Petter Krus
  Modelica in a Distributed Environment Using Transmission Line Modelling
  Modelica 2000 Workshop,2000, 2000.


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