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WA Fogel, W Andrzejewski, K Sasiak, Göran Granerus, Birgitta Lönnqvist, L Tuomisto and J Tarhanen
  Can urinary N-tele methylimidazoleacetic acid (t-MeImAA) serve as a marker of histaminergic activity in hepatic encephalopathy (HE)?
  Inflammation Research, 2002, 51(SUPPL.1), .

A-C Johansson, Birgitta Lönnqvist and Göran Granerus
  The relationship between body size and the urinary excretion of the main histamine metabolite tele-methylimidazoleacetic acid in man
  Inflammation Research, 2001, 50(SUPPL. 2), .

Göran Granerus, Birgitta Lönnqvist and U Wass
  Determination of the histamine metabolite telemethlimidazoleatic acid and of creatinine in urine by the same HPLC systems.
  Inflammation Research, 1999, 48, 75-80.

Göran Granerus, Birgitta Lönnqvist and Mats Stenström
  No sex difference in the urinary excretion of the histamine metabolite methlimidazoleacetic acid (MeImAA) when corrected for creatinine excretion.
  Inflammation Research, 1999, 48, 92-93.


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