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Publications for Bengt Lennartsson

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Conference Articles

Bengt Lennartsson
  Re-engineering Engineering Education - in the Light of the Bologna Process
  World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education WCCEE 2006,2006, 2006.

Bengt Lennartsson
  The Role of Math in Future Engineering Education
  The Frontiers in Education Conference FIE 2006,2006, 2006.

Ulf Cederling, Roland Ekinge, Bengt Lennartsson, Lars Taxén and Tommy Wedlund
  A Project Management Model Based on Shared Understanding
  Proceedings of the 33rd Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2000, 2000.

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Roland Ekinge, Bengt Lennartsson and Lars Taxén
  Organizational Knowledge as a Basis for the Management of Development Projects
  Discovering Connections: A Renaissance Through Systems Learning Conference, Dearborn, Michigan, USA, September 24-27, 2000, 2000.

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Ph.D. Theses

Lars Taxén
  A Framework for the Coordination of Complex Systems’ Development

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Edgar Almén, Kent Hartman, Bengt Lennartsson and Håkan Hult
  Examination - utveckling eller kontroll?
  Kvalitetsarbete vid Linköpings universitet, 7, 2000.


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