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Journal Articles

Anthonny Mukwaya, Beatrice Peebo, Maria Xeroudaki, Zaheer Ali, Anton Lennikov, Lasse Jensen and Neil Lagali
  Factors regulating capillary remodeling in a reversible model of inflammatory corneal angiogenesis
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  Scientific Reports, 2016, 6, 1-15.
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Maria Xeroudaki, Beatrice Peebo, Johan Germundsson, Per Fagerholm and Neil Lagali
  RGTA in corneal wound healing after transepithelial laser ablation in a rabbit model: a randomized, blinded, placebo-controlled study
  Acta Ophthalmologica, 2016, 94(7), 685-691.

Pierfrancesco Mirabelli, Beatrice Bourghardt Peebo, Maria Xeroudaki, Marina Koulikovska and Neil Lagali
  Early effects of dexamethasone and anti-VEGF therapy in an inflammatory corneal neovascularization model
  Experimental Eye Research, 2014, 125, 118-127.
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Beatrice Bourghardt Peebo, Per Fagerholm and Neil Lagali
  An in Vivo Method for Visualizing Flow Dynamics of Cells within Corneal Lymphatics
  Lymphatic Research and Biology, 2013, 11(2), 93-100.
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Anna Wiklund and Beatrice Bourghardt Peebo
  RETINAL Cases & Brief Reports, 2013, 7(2), 123-127.

Emelie Heintz, Ann-Britt Wiréhn, Beatrice Bourghardt Peebo, Ulf Rosenqvist and Lars-Åke Levin
  QALY weights for diabetic retinopathy: a comparison of health state valuations with HUI-3, EQ-5D, EQ-VAS, and TTO.
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  Value in Health, 2012, 15(3), 475-484.
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Beatrice Bourghardt Peebo, Per Fagerholm and Neil Lagali
  Letter: In vivo confocal microscopy visualization of presumed lymph vessels in a case of corneal transplant rejection
  Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, 2011, 39(8), 832-834.
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Beatrice Bourghardt Peebo, Per Fagerholm, Catharina Traneus-Rockert and Neil Lagali
  Time-Lapse In Vivo Imaging of Corneal Angiogenesis: The Role of Inflammatory Cells in Capillary Sprouting
  Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 2011, 52(6), 3060-3068.
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Beatrice Bourghardt Peebo, Per Fagerholm, Catharina Traneus-Rockert and Neil Lagali
  Cellular level characterization of capillary regression in inflammatory angiogenesis using an in vivo corneal model
  Angiogenesis, 2011, 14(3), 393-405.
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Beatrice Bourghardt Peebo, Per Fagerholm and Neil Lagali
  Transient Anterior Corneal Deposits in a Human Immunodeficiency Virus-Positive Patient
  CORNEA, 2010, 29(11), 1323-1327.
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Christina Frennesson, Ulla Nilsson, Beatrice Bourghardt Peebo and Sven Erik Nilsson
  Significant improvements in near vision, reading speed, central visual field and related quality of life after ranibizumab treatment of wet age-related macular degeneration
  ACTA OPHTHALMOLOGICA, 2010, 88(4), 420-425.
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Beatrice Bourghardt Peebo, Per Fagerholm, Catharina Traneus-Rockert and Neil Lagali
  Cellular-Level Characterization of Lymph Vessels in Live, Unlabeled Corneas by In Vivo Confocal Microscopy
  Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 2010, 51(2), 830-835.
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Emelie Heintz, Ann-Britt Wiréhn, Beatrice Peebo Bourghardt, U Rosenqvist and Lars-Åke Levin
  Prevalence and healthcare costs of diabetic retinopathy: a population-based register study in Sweden
  Diabetologia, 2010, 53(10), 2147-2154.
 Web of Science® Times Cited: 26

Beatrice Bourghardt Peebo, Lisha Gan, Xiao-Feng Sun, Annica Knutsen Holmqvist, Ann Rearden and Per Fagerholm
  Expression of the focal adhesion protein PINCH in normal and alkali-injured corneas and the role of PMNs
  Acta Ophthalmologica Scandinavica, 2007, 85(4), 395-400.
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Chapters in Books

Neil Lagali, Beatrice Bourghardt Peebo, Johan Germundsson, Ulla Edén, Reza Danyali, Marcus Rinaldo and Per Fagerholm
  Laser-Scanning in vivo Confocal Microscopy of the Cornea: Imaging and Analysis Methods for Preclinical and Clinical Applications
  Confocal Laser Microscopy: Principles and Applications in Medicine, Biology, and the Food Sciences, INTECH, 2013, .

Conference Articles

Beatrice Bourghardt Peebo, Marina Koulikovska and Per Fagerholm
  The suppression of early angiogenic markers by the antiangiogenic aptamer Macugen R is dose dependent
  European Association for Vision and Eye Research,2007, 2007.

Ph.D. Theses

Beatrice Bourghardt Peebo
  Angiogenesis from a new perspective

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