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Åsa Elwér, Janice Keenan, Richard Olson, Brian Byrne and Stefan Samuelsson
  Longitudinal stability and predictors of poor oral comprehenders and poor decoders
  Journal of experimental child psychology (Print), 2013, 115(3), 497-516.
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Stefan Samuelsson, Anna-Lena Eriksson-Gustavsson, Åsa Elwér and Camilla Kempe
  Läs- och skrivforskning vid Linköpings universitet
  Dyslexi - aktuellt om läs- och skrivsvårigheter, 2010, 15(3), 29-31.

Christian Forkstam, Åsa Elwér, Martin Ingvar and Karl Magnus Petersson
  Instruction effects in implicit artificial grammar learning: A preference for grammaticality
  Brain Research, 2008, 1221(24), 80-92.

Ph.D. Theses

Åsa Elwér
  Early Predictors of Reading Comprehension Difficulties