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Arturo Mendoza-Galván, Gerardo Arreola-Jardón, Linda Karlsson, Per Persson and Sergio Jiménez-Sandoval
  Optical properties of CuCdTeO thin films sputtered from CdTe-CuO composite targets
  Thin Solid Films, 2014, 571, 706-711.

Eloy Muñoz-Pineda, Kenneth Järrendahl, Hans Arwin and Arturo Mendoza-Galván
  Symmetries and relationships between elements of the Mueller matrix spectra of the cuticle of the beetle Cotinis mutabilis
  Thin Solid Films, 2014, 571, 660-665.
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Arturo Mendoza-Galvan, Kenneth Järrendahl, Hans Arwin, Yi-Fan Huang, Li-Chyong Chen and Kuei-Hsien Chen
  Spectroscopic ellipsometry analysis of silicon nanotips obtained by electron cyclotron resonance plasma etching
  APPLIED OPTICS, 2009, 48(26), 4996-5004.
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