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Anne Söderlund Schaller, Elena Dragioti, Gunilla Liedberg and Britt Larsson
  Quality of life during early radiotherapy in patients with head and neck cancer and pain
  Journal of Pain Research, 2017, 10, 1697-1704.
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Anna Peterson, Siw Carlfjord, Anne Schaller, Björn Gerdle and Britt Larsson
  Using education and support strategies to improve the way nurses assess regular and transient pain: A quality improvement study of three hospitals
  Scandinavian Journal of Pain, 2017, 16(1), 15-21.

Anne Schaller, Britt Larsson, Mona Lindblad and Gunilla M Liedberg
  Experiences of Pain: A Longitudinal, Qualitative Study of Patients with Head and Neck Cancer Recently Treated with Radiotherapy
  Pain Management Nursing, 2015, 16(3), 336-345.
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Anne Schaller, Gunilla Liedberg and Britt Larsson
  How relatives of patients with head and neck cancer experience pain, disease progression and treatment: A qualitative interview study
  European Journal of Oncology Nursing, 2014, 18(4), 405-410.
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Ph.D. Theses

Anne Söderlund Schaller
  Impact of Pain and Evaluation of Education and Self-Care in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer

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