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Journal Articles

Ann-Charlotte Nedlund and Peter Garpenby
  Puzzling about problems: the ambiguous search for an evidence-based strategy for handling influx of health technology
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  Policy sciences, 2014, , .

Ann-Charlotte Nedlund and Kristine Bærøe
  Legitimate Policymaking: The Importance of Including Health-care Workers in Limit-Setting Decisions in Health care
  Public Health Ethics, 2014, 7(2), 123-133.
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Chapters in Books

Per Carlsson, Peter Garpenby, Ann-Charlotte Nedlund and Lars Sandman
  Öppna prioriteringar inom vård och omsorg - var står vi idag och hur ska vi komma vidare?
  Vägval för välfärden: En antologi om finansieringsgap, prioriteringar och försäkring som kompletterande lösning, Svensk Försäkring, 2014, 31-61.

Peter Garpenby and Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  Organisering av prioriteringsprocessen
  Att välja rättvist: om prioriteringar i hälso- och sjukvården, Studentlitteratur, 2013, 119-135.

Claudia Landwehr and Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  Legitimacy Problems in the Allocation of Health Care:: Decision-Making Procedures in International Comparison
  In Search for Legitimacy: Policy Making in Europe and the Challenge of Complexity, Budrich Publishers, 2009, 247-267.

Conference Articles

Peter Garpenby and Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  Implementation as learning and balancing: the launching of a new program for dialogic intervention in Östergötland County Council
  The 2013 Nordic Conference on Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice, 5-6 February 2013, Linköping, Sweden, 2013.

Kerstin Roback, Jenny Alwin, Ann-Charlotte Nedlund and Lars Bernfort
  Evidence-based disinvestment as a tool for sustained healthcare quality
  "HTA in Integrated Care for a Patient Centered System", 2012.

Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  The value of internal legitimacy when setting limits in health care
  The many face of legitimacy workshop. Oslo, Norge, 2012.

Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  Governance of rationing as an art of juggling: Example from the policy work with for provision of assistive technologies
  The 9th Conference of the International Society on Priorities in Health Care. Vancouver, Kanada, 2012.

Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  What is the meaning of a solution when the meanings of the problem differ? A study of an intermediary solution for an evidence-based approach when adopting new medical innovations'
  7th International Conference in Interpretive Policy Analysis. Tilburg, The Netherlands, 2012.

Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  The Policy Work and the Art of Juggling with Conflicting Views (paper): In Search for Setting Fair Limits when Rationing in Swedish Health Care
  6th ECPR General Conference, Reykjavik 25-27 August 2011, 2011.

Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  Does policy design matter when handling distributive conflicts? (Abstract)
  The 8th Conference of the International Society on Priorities in Health Care. Boston Massachusetts USA, 2010.

Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  Just procedures in health care - the importance of strengthening policy legitimacy when setting priorities.: A comparison of policy design for provision of assistive devices in two Swedish county councils
  ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research) 5th General Conference, 2009.

Ann-Charlotte Nedlund, Karin Bäckman, Per Carlsson and Peter Garpenby
  Challanges of transparent priority-setting for health-care politicians (oral presentation)
  7th International conference on Priorities in Health Care,2008, 2008.

Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  The Importance of Policy Legitimacy - In Search for Legitimacy when Setting Priorities in Swedish Health Care
  ECPR - European Consortium for Political Research: ECPR Graduate Conference,2008, 2008.

Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  Who is 'fair-minded people' in a 'messy business'? In search for trustworthy institutions in Swedish health care
  European Consortium for Political Research ECPR,2007, 2007.

Ph.D. Theses

Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  Designing for Legitimacy: Policy Work and the Art of Juggling When Setting Limits in Health Care

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Peter Garpenby and Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  Ordnat införande av metoder i klinisk verksamhet: En studie av försök med dialogmöten inom Landstinget i Östergötland
  CMT Rapport, 2013:2, 2013.

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Peter Garpenby, Karin Bäckman, Mari Broqvist and Ann-Charlotte Nedlund
  Landstinget Kronoberg - i linje med prioriteringar
  Rapport / PrioriteringsCentrum, 2010:2, 2010.

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Ann-Charlotte Nedlund and Peter Garpenby
  Kan rättvisa procedurer stärka förtroendet för prioriteringar?
  PrioriteringsCentrum, 2008:1, 2008.

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Karin Bäckman, Ann-Charlotte Nedlund, Per Carlsson and Peter Garpenby
  Erfarenheter av öppna politiska prioriteringar: Uppföljning av prioriteringar i Östergötland efter fyra år
  PrioriteringsCentrum, 2008:6, 2008.

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