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Journal Articles

Annica Öhrn, Carin Ericsson, Christer Andersson and Johan Elfström
  High Rate of Implementation of Proposed Actions for Improvement With the Healthcare Failure Mode Effect Analysis Method: Evaluation of 117 Analyses.
  Journal of patient safety, 2015, , .

Mikaela Nygren, Kerstin Roback, Annica Öhrn, Hans Rutberg, Mikael Rahmqvist and Per Nilsen
  Factors influencing patient safety in Sweden: perceptions of patient safety officers in the county councils
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  BMC Health Services Research, 2013, 13(52), .
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Per Nilsen, Mikaela Nygren, Annica Öhrn and Kerstin Roback
  Patientsäkerhet svårt att uppnå, svårt att värdera: Landstingens patientsäkerhetsberättelser granskas och diskuteras
  Läkartidningen, 2012, 109(20-21), 1028-1031.

Annica Öhrn, Johan Elfström, Hans Tropp and Hans Rutberg
  What can we learn from patient claims?: Analysing of patient injuries following orthopaedic surgery
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  Patient Safety in Surgery, 2012, 6(2), 1-6.
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Kerstin Roback, Mikaela Nygren, Annica Öhrn, Hans Rutberg and Per Nilsen
  Strategier för säker och ännu säkrare vård: Enkätstudie om landstingens patientsäkerhetsarbete
  Läkartidningen, 2012, 109(45), 2024-2027.

Annica Öhrn, Anders Olai, Hans Rutberg, Per Nilsen and Hans Tropp
  Adverse events in spine surgery in Sweden: A comparison of patient claims data and national quality register (Swespine) data
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  Acta Orthopaedica, 2011, 82(6), 727-731.
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Annica Öhrn, Hans Rutberg and Per Nilsen
  Patient safety dialogue: evaluation of an intervention aimed at achieving an improved patient safety culture
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  Journal of patient safety, 2011, 7(4), 185-92.
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Annica Öhrn, Johan Elfström, Christer Liedgren and Hans Rutberg
  Reporting of Sentinel Events in Swedish Hospitals: A Comparison of Severe Adverse Events Reported by Patients and Providers
  Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, 2011, 37(11), 495-501.

Annica Öhrn, Christer Andersson, Johan Elfström, Christer Liedgren and Hans Rutberg
  Framgång kräver ledningens stöd och resurser
  Läkartidningen, 2007, 104(4), 224-228.

Chapters in Books

Annica Öhrn and Per Nilsen
  Patientsäkerhetsdialog: lärande och kunskapsspridning för förbättrad säkerhetskultur
  Implementering: teori och tillämpning inom hälso- och sjukvård, Studentlitteratur, 2010, 263.

Conference Articles

Per Nilsen, Mikaela Nygren, Annica Öhrn and Kerstin Roback
  A new zero vision for Swedish patient safety - but how do we know that health care is becoming safer?
  2nd Nordic Conference on Research in Patient Safety and Quality in Healthcare, 6-7 March 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012.

Ph.D. Theses

Annica Öhrn
  Measures of Patient Safety: Studies of Swedish Reporting Systems and Evaluation of an Intervention Aimed at Improved Patient Safety Culture

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