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Journal Articles

Lekbira Hasib, Anna Lundberg, Helene Zachrisson, Jan Ernerudh and Lena Jonasson
  Functional and homeostatic defects of regulatory T cells in patients with coronary artery disease
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  Journal of Internal Medicine, 2016, 279(1), 63-77.
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Simon Jönsson, Anna Lundberg and Lena Jonasson
  Overexpression of MMP-9 and Its Inhibitors in Blood Mononuclear Cells after Myocardial Infarction - Is It Associated with Depressive Symptomatology?
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  PLoS ONE, 2014, 9(8), e105572.
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Lena Jonasson, Hans Guldbrand, Anna K Lundberg and Fredrik H Nyström
  Advice to follow a low-carbohydrate diet has a favourable impact on low-grade inflammation in type 2 diabetes compared with advice to follow a low-fat diet
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  Annals of Medicine, 2014, 46(3), 182-187.
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Aleksander Szymanowski, Wei Li, Anna Lundberg, Chamilly Evaldsson, Lennart Nilsson, Karin Backteman, Jan Ernerudh and Lena Jonasson
  Soluble Fas ligand is associated with natural killer cell dynamics in coronary artery disease
  Atherosclerosis, 2014, 233(2), 616-622.
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Y M Sjögren, Sara Tomicic, Anna Lundberg, Malin Fagerås-Böttcher, B Björkstén, E Sverremark-Ekström and Maria Jenmalm
  Influence of early gut microbiota on the maturation of childhood mucosal and systemic immune responses
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  Clinical and Experimental Allergy, 2009, 39(12), 1842-1851.
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Anna Lundberg, Lars Andersson Wikberg, Jorma Ilonen, Outi Vaarala and Malin Böttcher (Fagerås)
  Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Immune Responses in Relation to the TLR4(Asp299Gly) Gene Polymorphism
  Clinical and vaccine immunology, 2008, 15(12), 1878-1883.
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Rosaura Casas, Susanne Skarsvik, Anna Lundberg, Olle Zetterström and Karel Duchén
  Impaired maturation of monocyte-derived dendritic cells from birch allergic individuals in association with birch-specific immune responses
  Scandinavian Journal of Immunology, 2007, 66(5), 591-598.
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Susanne Skarsvik, Minna Tiittanen, Anna Lindström, Rosaura Casas, Johnny Ludvigsson and Outi Vaarala
  Poor in vitro maturation and pro-inflammatory cytokine response of dendritic cells in children at genetic risk of type 1 diabetes
  Scandinavian Journal of Immunology, 2004, 60(6), 647-652.
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Malin Fagerås Böttcher, Mounira Hmani-Aifa, Anna Lindström Lundberg, Maria Christina Jenmalm, Xiao-Mei Mai, Lennart Nilsson, Helena Aniansson Zdolsek, Bengt Björkstén, Peter Söderkvist and Outi Vaarala
  A TLR4 polymorphism is associated with asthma and reduced lipopolysaccharide-induced interleukin-12(p70) responses in Swedish children
  Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2004, 114(3), 561-567.
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Ph.D. Theses

Simon Jönsson
  Leukocyte-derived matrix metalloproteinase-9 in patients with coronary artery disease: Associations with psychological stress and glucocorticoid sensitivity

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Anna Lundberg
  Immune responses to lipopolysaccharide in relation to allergic disease: a TLR4 gene polymorphism and endotoxin exposure

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