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Journal Articles

Anna Norin, Tobias Andersson Granberg, Di Yuan and Peter Värbrand
  Airport logistics - A case study of the turn-around process
  Journal of Air Transport Management, 2012, 20, 31-34.
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Anna Norin, Di Yuan, Tobias Andersson Granberg and Peter Värbrand
  Scheduling de-icing vehicles within airport logistics: a heuristic algorithm and performance evaluation
  Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2012, 63(8), 1116-1125.
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Conference Articles

Tobias Andersson Granberg, Anna Norin, Peter Värbrand and Di Yuan
  Integrating optimization and simulation to gain more efficient airport logistics
  Eighth USA/Europe Air Traffic Management Research and Development Seminar (ATM2009), 2009.

Anna Norin, Tobias Andersson, Peter Värbrand and Di Yuan
  A GRASP Heuristic for Scheduling De-icing trucks at Stockholm Arlanda Airport
  6th Eurocontrol Innovative Research Workshop and Exhibition,2007, 2007.

Anna Norin, Tobias Andersson, Peter Värbrand and Di Yuan
  Intelligent Air Transportation - A Resource Management Perspective
  14th world congress on intelligent transport systems,2007, 2007.

Licentiate Theses

Anna Norin
  Airport Logistics: Modeling and Optimizing the Turn-Around Process

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